May 28, 2020

Yes, I Have Tats…And I Love Them!

When I say “I have tats”, I don’t mean a couple small ones…I mean I HAVE tats, 20 to be exact, one for each surgery. My first one was when I was 27, when I was out of town on a vacation with one of my dear friends. It was definitely a spur of the minute decision, but the one thing I did do was call my dad. Why you might ask…well because I always told him that if I ever was going to get one, I would still ask his permission (yes, even at 27)! His answer was, NO! I got it anyway and it was the first thing that was asked about when I got off the plane. From there, my collection just started growing. Some means things, some I just wanted and some, well I just wanted!  🙂

I got the most of my work done after my last accident. It was a way to have pain transfer for a bit. I know that might sound a little strange, but when you are in chronic pain, getting your mind to feel a “different” kind of pain for a while actually is better than any pain meds could do (at least for me).

I get asked the same question over and over again (as I am sure most people with tats do), “does it hurt?” Well there are many answers to that one simple question! Here’s why. First, is placement, which tat are you asking about? My feet, ones on bone, fleshier ones, side, neck…you have to be specific. Second, my pain tolerance is a lot higher than a normal person’s. What could be a 10 to you would maybe be just a 2 for me (after all I had a complete total hip replacement with NO pain meds).  Third, it depends what you are getting done. Outline only, shading, multiple colors, etc. And lastly, it depends who is doing it! Believe it or not, this plays a huge factor in pain level. Some have the lightest touch, but go deep while others go light yet feel like they are taking your skin with them!

The other question I get repeatedly asked is, “who does your work?” Well again, which one are you asking about? Although most have been done by the same artist, I have 6 different artists work on my body. I love what each one has done because they brought their own uniqueness to the table, but what I also love about them is that they would be the first to say to me, you are better off with _____ to do that piece because that’s his specialty. Yes, they all have what they love to do and specialize in! Any artist who doesn’t offer you someone else to do your piece, especially if seeing their portfolio and all you see is traditional pieces and you want a portrait done is not offering you the best for you!

 Remember, this is permanent…it will forever be a part of who you are! So don’t rush into it, take your time, talk to the artist, get the design perfect (trust me they can get what’s in your head on paper) and even more so…make sure the placement on your body fits what you are doing…it makes all the difference! TRUST ME! (Yes, all tats pictured are mine!)

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