August 9, 2020

Why it’s OK to be human

human word cloudYes, you read that correctly…

We ARE human…you, me, the guy sitting next to you on the bus, the woman trying something new at the gym, the toddler screaming in the aisle at Target, the elderly couple holding hands on the park bench. We are human…we are flawed, we have scars, we love, we hurt, we have opinions and thoughts, we fear, we have strength and courage, we have pride, we have insecurities…everyone, everywhere….we are HUMAN!!!

Are you wondering why I started this blog in this fashion? What does it have to do with me? With her? With anything?

Easy! I have seen and read WAY TOO many people think they have to be perfect. That if they could just be like so and so, they would be happier. If they had those legs, that butt, those abs, her hair, that job, those clothes, his car…things would be better, be easier, be happier.

What you don’t take into effect is how many of those people, look at you (or a version of you) and wish the same thing. Just because on the outside things look like what you want…you have to really stop looking on from the outside and focus on what truly matters…the inside.

I know, you are thinking, way easier said then done.

If you can remember one thing…it will take you far ~ No one is perfect AND no one expects you to be either!

We expect perfectness from ourselves, which in turn makes it seem that we expect that from others. But just like we make mistakes, screw up, fail, falter…so does everyone else. What really shows the character of a human, is what they do with those negatives!

With saying that, being human means LIFE gets in the way sometimes. You might be dealing with the loss of a loved one, being unemployed, dealing with a medical condition or injury, taking care of a very sick loved one, being abused in some way, BUT here is the one thing that we seem to forget, without taking care of us first…we can’t deal with life when it gets tough.

So let me give you the advice I give myself…


STOP trying to be perfect.

STOP trying to be someone you aren’t.

STOP forgetting to live life and enjoy it.

STOP living in the past, which is hindering your future.

STOP not LOVING yourself.

YOU ARE HUMAN…and you are perfect in being human, just the way you are!!!

It’s OK not to have a sculpted body, not to eat perfect at every meal, to miss the gym, to say no when you really want to, or to not wear make up or do your hair (every once in a while).

Remember, there is NOTHING WRONG with being human, when others can’t see past the outer view of you, they don’t deserve to get to know the inner view of you!

human quote