June 4, 2020

While driving….

So I am just having some thoughts while sitting in the car driving up north for my little mini-vaca and I thought I would put it to paper (or to screen….lol)!

For the past 14 years of my life (from the age of 18 to 32) I had ONE dream…and that was to become a cop. I did everything I could…I fought, struggled, and succeed. And in 10 short weeks after becoming certified my amazing dream and being on cloud 9, became my worst nightmare! I have been living with this nightmare night and day. You see I am opposite, I don’t dream when I sleep…in which, actually I am fully grateful! It is bad enough to LIVE your nightmare throughout the day…so the only time I didn’t was when I slept (which isn’t very often).

Well it was just until I started CrossFit that I finally started refocusing my thought process. I started focusing on what mattered most…ME and MY DAUGHTER! You see, nothing else in this world matters but YOUR FAMILY! I needed to REFIND my happiness! I needed to REFIND Sue! I needed to FIND my flame…a desire again…a NEW GOAL…a NEW DREAM!

And I did!!! I have a desire and a passion…and I am going full force into it! I am praying about it a lot! I have talked it over with the most important person that it is going to affect (my daughter) and she is my NUMBER ONE supporter and encourager!! I have also only shared my DREAM and VISION with a select few…and all are standing behind me AND with me on my NEW VENTURE! I don’t know when this NEW VENTURE will blossom (heck the last one took me 14 years), but I am ready for it when it does!!!

ANDI FLIPPIN’ CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. So excited for you!!!

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