May 28, 2020

What INSPIRES you….

Where do I even begin this?  People ask me this all the time and to be honest I never really give the same answer. It depends where I am at in my life, what I am going through, the situation I am in, etc.  You see many things throughout my life have inspired me. When I was younger, my brother inspired me to stand up for myself. That just because I was a girl, didn’t mean I had to put up with crap. Then as I hit my teen years, I never was the type to idolize celebrities or singers….I had Olympic athletes posted on my walls and quotes of achievements. In high school, I was my own inspiration. I wanted to stand out from the normal. I wasn’t part of any “clique” in school, I became the bully’s bully (I wouldn’t stand for anyone degrading anyone else for any reason), I threw myself into my school work and my sports training. I had goals written on my mirror in my room that I wanted to have crossed off before graduation. There were certain individuals in school that quite didn’t get me (though I didn’t care). I lived in the weight room, I loved it there (funny I still do), it became my place of solace. I broke a lot of records in there too….but mostly I realized I was not just building my outer strength, but also my inner strength. After high school, I made the decision to do a power lifting competition, it was just another thing to cross off my list. You see my list starting becoming not things I thought of, but what others put there…when I heard someone say “You can’t do that…you’re a girl” just spurred me and made me think “REALLY…WATCH ME!”.  Some people thought I set my goals too high, I always thought I set them to low (sometimes I still do). Then my first accident happened, my ONLY inspiration during those most grueling 2 years was my dad. He made me remember everything I once was and still could be. Another inspiration would be my sister, Stephanie. I’ll never forget the day she called me and said, I didn’t lose my sister in 2 serious accidents, I’m not gonna lose her now due to depression. She told me to stop listening to my doctors, they only knew my body…NOT MY HEART. She told me to take back my life and start living again. AND I DID! Throughout my journey so far in life, there have been many friends, family and even strangers that have inspired me. Some don’t even know they have or that they do.

Through all of this though, every inspiration I have had doesn’t amount to the BIGGEST one of all, my daughter. She inspires me daily, sometimes hourly! She is the one who makes me fight through all the hard times, through the pain and suffering, through the times I just want to give up and give in. She is my greatest achievement…one I never had on my list. She has been my biggest cheerleader, supporter, and source of encouragement.

So if I had to choose just one thing that inspires me….it’s ADRIANNA!

So my question to you….what INSPIRES you?



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