June 4, 2020


Well I don’t have much to write about since my doc has taken CrossFit away from me until I see him this Friday!! I had my second procedure and it made things extremely worse!! Both my legs go numb now for absolutely NO REASON and then the weather on top of it has not been nice to me! So I can tell I will be hating summers (w/ rain) and winters (w/cold) for the rest of my life!! So time to suck it up and deal!

I had my 18 month follow up from my accident last Tuesday and my ortho doc put me at MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement). I am as far healed and recovered as I ever will be and that I will NEVER be returning as a deputy! 🙁  But I came to being ok with this almost a year ago!! But it still absolutely sux to know that the dream you had for 14 years and achieved is gone in a blink of an eye!!

As for the rest of my life…I have some HUGE decisions to make regarding my future and financial state for me and my daughter. I had this NEW SPARK come into my life for a new dream/goal…but me being the analytical person I am…things are happening that I might have to leave that dream behind. I am doing a lot of praying and seeing if this is truly what my future is supposed to be! All I know is that I will do whatever is right for me and Adrianna.

I hope I get the ok this Friday that I can restart my WODs come Saturday!!! But I will be doing it just every other day…with maybe a CFE on the off days!!! And gonna start some open water swims!

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