June 4, 2020

Unlike LL…I will NEVER see my AB’s! LMAO!!

Well…I will if someone wants to give me money for my tummy tuck!! But for 12 years I choose NOT to take care of me, to let depression rule my life and listen to doctors tell me just how much I COULDN’T DO! So I turned to food…and slowly my weight creeped up…from 1993, after my first accident til the light bulb clicked Jan 2005…I let myself go and my weight creeped all the way up to 275! After all that time, your skin just doesn’t WANT to snap back. I bet I have a 6 pack underneath, but there is nothing I can do…so when I look at my tummy now…it is a constant reminder to me of where I came from…what I fought for…and where I NEVER want to be again! I went from a size 24 to a size 6 (which I am sure would be smaller if I didn’t have the extra skin). My arms and legs are getting tighter and toner and so is my back. I do have a goal….here it is:
Goal weight: 140-145  (I’m between 148-152)         BodyFat%:  14

So today was MAKEUP DAY for a WOD…I decided to make up my TOTAL since I couldn’t do it because I screwed up my shoulder the day before during a WOD!

Overhead Squat ~ 100 lbs
Bench Press ~ 130 lbs
Clean ~ 95 lbs

Then onto the Strength Work:
5×5 DL @ 75% of 1RM (110 lbs)
5×5 OHS @ 60% of 1RM (60 lbs)
5×5 Clean @ 50% of 1RM (45 lbs)

Felt pretty good today…my left hip was agitiated today, along with my low back…actually it’s been in alot of pain lately, it is what it has been keeping me up. There are soooo many days I just want to stay in bed, but I push myself to get up and push through my pain…pain is sometimes more mental. I get up and take my 17 pills a day to function and pray that the pain subsides enough for me to make it long enough until I can get back to my bed later that day!!!

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