May 28, 2020

Training Days From Monday and Tuesday

So I thought I would go back in time a little and rehash some old feelings and torture (LOL!….so glad I can laugh at it now as I sit and look at my bruises)!

So Monday…tried the new Burpee Broad Jump (in which I will be partaking in for the Burpee Mile Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser on June 5th)! Having a left hip injury is hard…especially since I can’t land solid on that leg yet. Well, I can, it just shoots sharp excruciating pain down and up it and sends me straight to the ground! So yeah, NOT A GREAT FEELING, so I steer away from causing that to happen AT ALL COST!! So my tweak was pushing of with both but landing solely on my right leg!

So the WOD was:

100 Burpee Broad Jumps ~ FOR TIME (10:16)
~rest for a bit~
100 Sit-ups (UA) ~ FOR TIME (4:14)
~rest for a bit~
100 Push-ups ~ FOR TIME (2:45 PR from 4:13 a month prior)
***all I can say was I thought I was going to hurl during sit-ups 20 thru 100!!!)***

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So on to Tuesday…

I can truly say just how much I LOVE MY COACH!!! Not!! I swear if we didn’t have the kind of friendship we had prior…I think I would have gotten on a plane and flew to CA to hit him upside the head with the 25lb weight plate!!! Maybe this is him secretly getting back at me for something…lol!!! Nah, I am ONLY kidding Lauren, I know he has our best interest at heart and wants to only see us succeed!!! He has seen me at my lowest point and heard my negativity about giving up and throwing the towel in….and he NEVER let me!!

So here was last night’s WOD:

KBS @ 25lbs
Box Jumps (Step Ups for me)
D/U’s (Single leg for me)
Thrusters w/ 25lb plate
Push ups
**1 min on each exercise…count reps. Rest for a minute between full set. Do 3 Rounds.

*couldn’t do jump rope those 2 rounds due to lovely (assholes) socializing right where we were doing our WOD!! Flipping morons!!!

I think Lauren and I were the ONLY 2 sweating at the gym last night!!!

I also did a CFE Bike WOD last night after:
3x5k rest 2 mins in between

1st~5k – 20:24
2nd~5k – 19:56
3rd~5k – 20:15

I feel like crap….though I will take that due to my eating (which hasn’t been much lately) and the fact that I haven’t been sleeping. Gotta really focus more on the eating part…can’t due full Paleo due to many reasons….but I need to fuel my body more! I have NO PROBLEM drinking tons of water!!!

Now to prepare my head for tonight’s WOD…it’s a killer…..AAAGGGGHHHH!!!!


  1. Good Job sue… let’s Keep working on the nutrition stuff.. what;s going on with Sleep?

  2. Sleep…what’s sleep? Its never been the same since the accident! Some days I am lucky if I get an hour (10 mins here, 10 mins there), then there are days I get a solid 10 hours and can’t function the next day cause my body doens’t know what to do on that much sleep!
    As for food…well my body is not like anyone elses…as you know!!

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