May 28, 2020

Today is the day!!

I GET MY LIFE BACK!! Well or so I hope!! Actually, whether or not my doctor tells me I can or can’t, I am am taking charge of my life and taking it back! I am sick of not doing ANYTHING!! I am in pain whether I am laying in pain doing NOTHING or if I am doing my WODs, so I might as well be doing my WODs and feeling good in my head and hurting in my body…right?! LOL!!

I had a really great talk with LL & Tim yesterday! God couldn’t have blessed me with better business partners! I really had to put my pride aside and start focusing on the BIGGER picture! I know in the beginning it was my dream, but it turned into our dream and it is going to be AMAZING!! We are going to be helping SO MANY people in their lives…and isn’t that what it’s all about!!

I have decided to go back to school too…I am looking into financial aid! I am looking at rehabilitation schooling and also I have been told by a few hundred people to become a LIFE COACH and to WRITE A BOOK…so I praying about that too and seeing where God leads me.

All I know is doors are opening all over the place and I am receiving all of them…some are getting slammed in my face (and I will admit rejection sucks…but it makes you grow)! I take everything as a learning experience, how can I not!

As for my pain. I am where I will be for the rest of my life…the chronic part…until I get more surgeries or replacements done. So now it is just trying to manage it as best as I can. I know I will have my good days and bad ones…but I will just roll with it.

I also started my 18th tattoo yesterday…WOO HOO!! Oh my gosh…I absolutely love it so far…it is huge!!! It is taking two sittings…part one is done and part two will be done on the 20th of July! Then I am done! Well I have said that so many times before…but I do believe this is it! Though if I leave the sheriff’s office I can get my piercings back!! HECK YEAH!! (My family is gonna freak!!…lol)

I will post pics of the final tat when it’s complete…And I will blog tomorrow after my first WOD in MANY weeks!! See ya!!!


  1. Sue you are in a great place and im lovin it! You know we are here for you! Cant wait to get in the gym with you Monday 🙂

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