May 28, 2020

The first…to get to know a little about me!!

I am so STOKED!!! The time is FINALLY here!!! I NEVER thought it would be to tell the honest truth!!! Let me give you a little backing….

I have a friend, Kevin, out in Fresno, California who turned me onto CrossFit back in early 2008…it’s all I heard from him!!! He is a firefighter out there and has opened his own CrossFit FTF gym in Fresno. At the time, I was in the law enforcement academy and decided it wouldn’t be a good idea to start while in the academy, so I decided to wait until after I graduated (Sept 2008). Then after speaking with Kevin, we decided that it would be better for me to wait until after my Field Training (16 weeks), to really start because my schedule would be literally ALL OVER THE PLACE! So come the first of the year (Feb 2009)…I would be a CrossFitter for life!!! I couldn’t wait…I couldn’t wait to see what it was going to do to my training for my triathlons (I had a goal…an Ironman in 2010!!!). I couldn’t wait to see what it was going to do for my body as a whole…health wise and physical wise…I couldn’t wait to push my body to it’s limit and BEYOND!!

Well then December 21, 2008 happened…

I was severely injured in the line of duty. I was hospital bound for a month, stuck in traction and ended up having 6 surgeries in 2 months. At the end of it all, I had 4 pelvic fractures…2 in the front that are now being held together by a steel plate and 2 at my sacral joint on my left side being held together by 2 very long screws. I also had a brain injury that I am still dealing with, but am blessed that it was to the front section of my brain and not the back part!! I was wheelchair bound for a while, then on a walker and then a cane and now I am walking (with a limp, but I am walking). (Also a little more background…this was not my first severe accident…in 1993, I suffered 9 pelvic fractures, a broken tailbone and was filleted open all over my left side…I almost died and was hospital and bed bound for over a year and had to relearn how to walk all over again, I was 18. Then in 2000 (at 25), I severed my spinal cord, which is now fused from L3-S1, and had multiple facial injuries which required multiple surgeries.)

So that leaves me to now…it is almost 17 months POST accident….and I made the call to Kevin, with A LOT of hesitation, but I HAD NO CHOICE, I needed to do my own recovery and rehab since workmans comp wasn’t paying for physical therapy. I needed CrossFit to see what it could do for me and what I could do around my limitations!!! I was not going to let anymore Dr’s ONCE AGAIN tell me I couldn’t do something!! (I listened to it SOOOOO MANY times before). So needless to say…I have NO DOUBT in my mind that I’m going to be a CrossFitter for the rest of my life!!

Then it was time to do some serious thinking….

Here is what I know:

I know right now that I take TOO MANY MEDS!!! I am in CHRONIC PAIN! Will that ever go away…I don’t know…but this is what I do know…I want to get off of them…I hate them!!! I hate being tied to them!! I hate bone injections…I hate ANY injections for that matter!!

I know that this is NOT going to be easy…that I WILL be sore…HELL I haven’t used these muscles in over a year!! They have no clue what they hell I am doing to them, atrophy sucks. But what I do know is that there is a thing called “muscle memory”…our body is amazing when it comes to that!!

I know that there will be days that my body will want to “shut down”…but that is when my MIND has to tell it other wise! MIND OVER MATTER!! I know what my limits are…I know what the difference between uncomfortable pain and REAL TRUE PAIN is.

I know that I have to make sacrifices. (But haven’t I already) Haven’t I sacrificed for 17 months my emotional and mental well being??? NOW IT’S TIME TO GET REFOCUSED!!! Set new goals.

I know that I will never be the same. I know that I might never run the same, bike the same, or lift the same weight amounts. BUT this is what I do know…I am finding the new NORMAL for me…maybe there is a NEW way of running (CrossFit POSE style…can’t wait to try this one out…a tad scared), instead of my Trek…I might have to sell it and get the sit down style bike, and as for lifting…my upper body is strong…you be on a walker carrying your weight around for 5 months…YOUR ARMS WILL LOOK AMAZING!! (LMAO!!)!!

So…how did I come up with my Blog Name, here it is…I am excited about where my life is heading….at least personally!!! It takes dedication, commitment, sacrifice…but most importantly for me it takes courage (ask anyone who sees me try something on my left leg for the first time since the accident…FEAR IS WRITTEN ALL ACROSS IT!), but I am willing…after all I am, as the guys say, “THE BIONIC WOMAN“!!!


  1. Dammit… tears again.. can I share the blog?

  2. of course u can… 🙂

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