July 8, 2020


Although I am not a certified nutritionist or trainer, I believe in passing along knowledge. I also believe in sharing “your story” to inspire, encourage and motivate others. This is where, not only, I will become inspired, but I hope you do too!! 

“Sue, thank you so much! I’ve been working out a bit more and drastically cut down on my carbs (from eating them EVERY meal to barely at all) and I’ve already lost an inch around my waist! Soooo happy!” & ” Just wanted to share that I’ve now lost 6 lbs just from taking Sue’s advice! Not only that but I’ve lost 2 inches around my waist! I’m so happy and feel so much better since I’ve stopped eating so many carbs! Thank you again Sue!” ~ Hailey W., OH

“I would love to let everyone out there who reads this know just how helpful and caring you are to the health and weight issues of those around you! I had a serious operation after the birth of my daughter that did not allow me to exercise ’til 6 months after her birth and by then I was a little depressed and didn’t really have the motivation to do it. Well, after I reconnected with Sue and started telling her my eating habits and exercise issues she had nothing but positive things to tell me on how to achieve my goals. She gave me many healthy and delicious meal options and we went to the gym together so that she could teach and show me the correct way to exercise. I quickly lost the 14lbs. of baby weight I had left and my body started making the changes that I was wanting to see. I have never felt better!!! Thank you Sue for caring!!!” ~ Dawn S., FL

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