February 17, 2020

CF TOTAL 1 and a little about weight!!

OMG!!! I can’t flipping believe it….I am so excited!!! So excited I had to call Lauren between my Dead Lift 2nd and 3rd attempt to see what I should go for since I already lifted my PR on my 2nd attempt!!

You see this is why!! If you haven’t been keeping up with my blog…I have been COMPLETELY out of commission for 37 days!! DOING NOTHING…and when I say nothing…I mean just the daily routine of life and nothing else. Which SUCKED!!! I was put on strict orders my my doctor during the procedures I was getting done to PLEASE NOT DO CROSSFIT OR ANYTHING ELSE…to just do daily routine things and when ever possible relax in bed…do you know how much that drove me crazy!!?? AAGGHHH!!! Can you hear me screaming through the computer!!

So here I am only back a week…I have only done 2 Strength Trainings before Kevin decides to put up the CF Total 1, the last time we did it was May 18, 2010…so 2 months ago! So I go to the gym and I am actually looking forward to it…I am being positive…if I hit my old PRs…I will be happy! How can I not after the hell I have just been thru with my hip and back…and here I have to do lifts that are ALL HIP AND BACK!!

So here it goes my CF 1 Total ~ Oh by the way did I mention ~


Deadlift 125 ~ 145 ~ 175
Back Squat  135 ~ 145 ~ 175
Shoulder Press 80 ~ 95 ~ 105
TOTAL = 455
Old Total = 390…up 65!!

Hell yeah!!!

Oh yeah and then I ended with a 5k Bike Time:18:49, I also felt good enough so I just continued biking…not for time. This si the first time my legs weren’t going numb so I just pedaled until they did! I made it 10.4 miles!!! My left leg was completely numb and my right the last three toes were dead and it traveled up the outside of my leg…but oh well, that is the LONGEST I have biked since the accident NON STOP! I know it wasn’t on my TREK and it was on a recumbent bike, but who cares…that is a HUGE MILESTONE for me!!!

Yesterday, I did a mini WOD at home cuz I wasn’t feeling to great…
100 sit ups
200 squats
50 burpees
Time: 14:19

Now on to another subject totally off topic…but something I have dealt with over the 37 days that I was laid up and actually a topic I have dealt with MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!
I am so sick and tired of skinny ass chicks or people who think they are healthy and know what the f&(# they are talking about, trash talking people who are overweight. Do I think there are people who lack desire to change, will power, who want the “easy” way out…yes I do. But coming from someone who use to be 275 pounds (yes I was THAT big)! But also someone who before that was athletic, who knew how to take care of herself, but circumstances of life happened. Don’t pass judgement on people when you never walked a day in there shoes. Instead of belittling them, why not sit down and listen to their story! Take a journey with them…you might actually LEARN something from them!! Do I believe that some people are just plain couch potatoes…yep…but I also believe not everyone is born to have that strong will power in them, or to be able to motivate themselves or encourage themselves. How do you know that those people were not let down by the same type of people you are…why in the world would they want ANYTHING to do with you…even if it has to do with being healthy…to them YOU ARE A BITCH, SNOB, JUDGEMENTAL, SELF ABSORD ASS!!! Hell~I wouldn’t want your help or want to be like you…if your aren’t “healthy” on the inside…I really could careless what you look like on the outside!!

When my light bulb finally went off in 2005..I literally was in so much pain trying to lose my weight. I know I did it to myself, so I didn’t care about the pain I had to go through to get it off…I was going to do it, FOR ME!!! And I did!! I didn’t do it to find a guy, I didn’t do it for my butt to look good in jeans, I didn’t go get plastic surgery to fix shit…I am  natural!! I happy with what God has given me…I will work with what I have and make it stronger and healthier to be around for my daughter and to live a life that I want to live….to fulfill MY DREAMS AND GOALS!!!

I guess some people don’t understand because they have never looked death in the face like I have four times, they have never had to overcome huge obstacles without any help, just all on there own…that is when you grow and learn that life is a blessing…every breath you breathe is precious and it is not guaranteed….so don’t judge someone for their outside…because when you do…your inside shines through and it’s not so pretty!!

Holy Crap…it’s happening!!!

So I  have A TON TO TELL!!!

FIRST ~ I am back in the gym doing WODs!! I got back in there on Saturday! It felt great…all my strength work was right on target, but OMG my cardio…I think I was going to die!! It’s nice to know that my muscle takes time to get weak, but my heart decides to fall off the face of the earth immediately!! LOL!!

SECOND ~ Lauren and Tim found this awesome space for the box…and today we got everything in writing. Now it just is up to the Cali guys! It’s happening…we are going to start helping people change their lives…not just their bodies, but everything…their minds, their attitudes, their families…EVERYTHING!! I can’t wait to watch the transformations and hear the testimonies!!! We are so gonna have a testimonies wall!!!

So here are the WODs from Saturday and today!

Saturday ~
Strength Work~
1×20 Push Press @ 75
1×20 Back Squat @ 100
1×20 Bench Press @ 75

4 Rounds For Time: 16:41
25 Push-ups
25 Squats
25 KBS @ 30
25 Sit-ups

CFE ~  Bike
4×440 ~ 1) 1:12    2) 1:02    3) 1:03    4) 0:54

Today ~
Strength Work ~
5×5 Shoulder Press (45-50-60-70-75)
5×5 Hang Clean (45-55-65-75-80)

Tabata (20 secs on 10 secs off) 8 rounds – Score lowest
Pullups – 9
Push-ups – 8
Situps – 12
Squats – 14

I really need to do a lot of cardio work to get me back to where I was! I get out of breath really quick…it sucks!!! I will get there!!! I am just glad to be back!!! WOO HOO!!! And it was great having LL there pushing me!!

Not happy about WODs, but Strength is improving….

So I haven’t really been in the mood to blog…actually haven’t been in the mood for alot. But still push through and do what I have too.

Saturdays WOD I did at home:
Snatch Skills
100 Push-Ups ~ 2:46
100 Sit-Ups ~ 4:21

AMRAP in 15mins  ( 9 ~ 19 sit-ups)
15 Push-ups
20 Lateral Lunges
25 Sit-ups
30 Step Ups

Then Yesterday’s WOD ~
Strength Work~
1×20 OHS @ 60lbs
1×20 Push Press @ 75lbs (the last 4 were burning!!)

5 Rounds For Time: 32:43
30 Sit-ups
30 Push Press @ 45
30 Stiff Leg DL @ 65
50 Step Ups

The DL and Step Ups absolutely SUCKED ASS!!! But no complaining…no use…just push through and make it to the other side!!

Food…we won’t go there….eating clean about 80%…need to get more food in though!!

All By Myself…

Wasn’t that a name of an 80’s song!!! LOL

Well that was today…no partner…no coach…just me and my DETERMINATION!! Or my stupidity!

I’ll just cut to it ~

Strength Work ~
Push Press 5×5 (80~85~90~95PR~100PR)  HELLS YEAH!! Even with a fippin’ procedure!!

15 Rounds For Time: 12:43
5 Pull Ups (From Floor to Bar)
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

Then did 2 x 800m Bike  first time 2:34  second time 2:09

I might be paying for this tomorrow…this is where the stupidity will sink in!! LOL!!!

Going to look at commercial warehouses this weekend!!! SO STOKED!!!

Unlike LL…I will NEVER see my AB’s! LMAO!!

Well…I will if someone wants to give me money for my tummy tuck!! But for 12 years I choose NOT to take care of me, to let depression rule my life and listen to doctors tell me just how much I COULDN’T DO! So I turned to food…and slowly my weight creeped up…from 1993, after my first accident til the light bulb clicked Jan 2005…I let myself go and my weight creeped all the way up to 275! After all that time, your skin just doesn’t WANT to snap back. I bet I have a 6 pack underneath, but there is nothing I can do…so when I look at my tummy now…it is a constant reminder to me of where I came from…what I fought for…and where I NEVER want to be again! I went from a size 24 to a size 6 (which I am sure would be smaller if I didn’t have the extra skin). My arms and legs are getting tighter and toner and so is my back. I do have a goal….here it is:
Goal weight: 140-145  (I’m between 148-152)         BodyFat%:  14

So today was MAKEUP DAY for a WOD…I decided to make up my TOTAL since I couldn’t do it because I screwed up my shoulder the day before during a WOD!

Overhead Squat ~ 100 lbs
Bench Press ~ 130 lbs
Clean ~ 95 lbs

Then onto the Strength Work:
5×5 DL @ 75% of 1RM (110 lbs)
5×5 OHS @ 60% of 1RM (60 lbs)
5×5 Clean @ 50% of 1RM (45 lbs)

Felt pretty good today…my left hip was agitiated today, along with my low back…actually it’s been in alot of pain lately, it is what it has been keeping me up. There are soooo many days I just want to stay in bed, but I push myself to get up and push through my pain…pain is sometimes more mental. I get up and take my 17 pills a day to function and pray that the pain subsides enough for me to make it long enough until I can get back to my bed later that day!!!