July 16, 2020

I love Push Ups…but DO YOU??


I use to be the one who use to DREAD the word “PUSH UP”. I literally would get sick to my stomach at the mere thought of having to do them!

THEN the law enforcement academy happened and I fell in LOVE with them!!! I am not kidding!! I was doing about 2500 different versions of push ups on a weekly basis!! I loved being able to feel myself getting stronger each week…after 6 months…MY arms and shoulders LOOKED AMAZING!!! Then my accident occurred and once I was able to get into a wheelchair and then a walker, I was SO THANKFUL for all those push ups!! I needed all the upper body strength I could muster to lug around my lower half!!

So why am I writing this blog…well I don’t want you to hate the word or fear the mere thought of having to do a push up!! So I am going to give you a start…from the beginner…all the way to the advanced. See where you fit and then just start…even if it is JUST 1….that is more than what you did yesterday! Remember what I always say…baby steps!!!  I will post a video to each type I am talking about to help you understand! 🙂


When I say, use the wall, I mean USE THE WALL!! There is NO SHAME in this at all!! Once you feel you can move on do so, this should be when you can comfortably do 10!!


The next step will be moving down to the counter. Do as many as you can with proper form (you never want to give up form) then go back to the wall and do as many there. Keep doing these till you are doing 10 here.


Time to get lower to the ground, it’s time to go to a chair! Just like the counter, you will do as many as you can here, then move to the counter and then to the wall. Again, continue till you get up to 10 on the chair.


This is where you have been dying to get to, right! 🙂  Yes, we are starting out with push ups on your knees. I don’t call these “girl” push ups because I know just as many guys who do these as gals, so they are KNEE push ups. You will be repeating the sequence like in the prior steps. Hit 10 here and it is time for, yep you guessed it, a STANDARD push up!!


I don’t care if you only start with 1. You are doing a FULL STANDARD PUSH UP! Let me give you a little tip…keep your feet a little a part…I keep my shoulder with…it helps keep proper form (it helps me due with my back due to my back surgeries I have had).


Now once you have conquered the standard push up, it is time to have some fun. There are SO many different variations you can do…from diamond, divebombers, spiderman, plank holds, burpees, etc. I add a great video that shows A TON!!! 🙂


Well…enjoy doing your push ups!! When you are starting out, do them every day. I have seen tons of 100 push up challenges, but some need to start off with the basics and then once you hit the standard…then get out of your comfort zone and try one, like this 100 Push Up Challenge.



“Angie” can go to H…E….Double L!!!

Well I guess I’m blame myself a little on this…I did go give blood before my WOD today. Hey I am O- and we are in MASSIVE shortage here….I have to do my part!!

So then I drove to the gym in the rainstorm!! lol

Strength Work ~
1×20 Power Clean @ 65 (I should have done 70!!! UGH)

The flow of this is getting so much better!! I did all my lifts in complete darkness!! Funny NO ONE ELSE continued lifting…it was like if they couldn’t SEE themselves in the mirrors they couldn’t lift….TOO FLIPPIN’ HILARIOUS!!!

100 Pull-ups (50 w/band&50Jumpin’)
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats
TIME : 16:49

My Left Hip is my nemesis…

Well, I just have to realize my left hip will just be my enemy for the REST OF MY LIFE!!! During the Fitness Assessment…I was in tears (LITERALLY) trying to just get .87 miles in 12minutes! And then in today’s WOD I am NOT subbing anymore…I don’t care if I have to walk it….if it says RUN….I WILL be using my legs in some fashion!! Though I already know tears will be flowing! Time to SUCK IT UP!

Strength Work ~
1×20 Dead Lift @ 95 (left really good…definitely could have gone higher in weight, so next time!)
1×20 Push Press @ 85 (I pushed my limits…but only got in 17!! My arms weakened!! UGH!!)

3 Rounds For Time : 22:32
50m Overhead Lunges (25lb plate) (last rd did wide lunges left hip was on fire)
40 Step Ups
400m Run (yes I jogged at 4.6-5.0 pace!!)

Checkout ~
4x30sec Handstand Holds (getting better, but these SUCK!!)

My food is definitely getting better, but I am cutting out more fruit…and adding more veggies and protein. I also IF twice a week, just a 12 hr ones, though I will be doing a 24 hr one if I need to!

What can YOU do in an hour??

I found out what I can!!! 🙂


Strength Work ~
Push Jerk 1-1-1-1-1
75~85~95~100~110PR  Hell Yeah!!!

For Time : 10:16
21 ~ 15 ~ 9
KBS @ 30
Jumping Pull-ups
DB Press (L/R) @ 30

CFE ~ Bike
10x220m (rest same time in between as long as it took u to do it)

Stretch to cool down….or should I say die on the gym floor!!! But I love kicking my own ass!! My hip starting giving me issues….but I was not about to give in to it…MIND over MATTER! It was not HURT PAIN, it was like HELLO STOP USING ME AND CRAWL INTO BED OR I AM GONNA GO NUMB!!!

Can’t wait to hit it again tomorrow…I love CrossFit…what a great rehab for me….this should be a part of everyones physical therapy!!!

So I’m thinking…

I really think I should start a recipe book for picky PALEO/ZONE eaters!!!  I could probably make some money off of it….because I am starting to become very creative in my limited choices and yet my meals are so darn yummy!! Even so delicious that my kid is finishing them before I do!!

So on to what this is really about…my WODs!! Today was great…I was so happy that I got to push myself alongside LL!!

Strength Work ~
1×20 Squat Clean @ 65 (started out at there, but at the last 5 I had to drop the weight to 55. I hate that I can’t jump!)
1×20 Bench Press @ 90 (8 weeks ago I started this at 75, I am stoked that I jumped this amount…lovin’ it!)

My upper body definitely isn’t my problem…it’s my lifts that include my hip…where I have to jump and throw my hip into it or use my low back (i.e, dead lift). But my numbers are increasing and all I can say to that is…my muscles are getting stronger and are building….slowly but surely. And I will take that!!

WOD ~ repeat from 5/6/10 (old time 9:06)
10 Rds For Time:7:04
3 Snatch Pulls 90% 1RM
6 Ring Dips (sub Reg Dips-don’t have rings)
9 KTE (sub Inverted sit-ups-no area to do this)
(Exactly what I did last time)

2 x 100 single jump ropes

Now to just ramble…cuz I haven’t mentioned it…but OMG!! The Games…my laptop was attached to my hip this past weekend!!! I was addicted…it was like I was on crack!!! I loved every minute of it. It  made me realize how far away I am from 2011 competition, but that’s ok…I am completely in awe of those athletes. And two I have come to just start chatting with on Facebook briefly. But all blew me away!! The ONE thing I love most about CrossFit is that it makes YOU challenge YOU!! You witnessed it FIRSTHAND in the Finals, yes they were there to see who was the fittest in the world….but when they were done with their WOD, they didn’t walk away…they encouraged,supported, cheered on, pushed, yelled at to keep going, hugged, fist pumped…the same people they were just battling against. You would never see that in other sports!! I love being a part of this community and I plan on it staying a part of my life until the day I die! 🙂