June 3, 2020

Yes it is a new year, but it is also just ANOTHER day

I have never been one to really care for or celebrate New Years. To me it is just another day, waking up to yet another day. We do this day in and day out…why make new goals, new resolutions, new beginnings JUST on this day. Everyday should have meaning and purpose. If you keep putting it off to the NEW YEAR, who is to say you might make it to then. Start now, start each new day as a new beginning. Forget your past failures, disappointments, regrets…they are just that in THE PAST. We can’t change them, as hard as some of us may try. So why put our focus and strength in trying to…all it does it make them feel just that much more of a failure, disappointment or regret. So even if you make a NEW YEARS RESOLUTION…know that just because you might fail at it…you have the next day to TRY again…don’t wait til the NEXT NEW YEAR to make the SAME resolution. Start small…take baby steps…change one thing at a time…move forward…it WILL happen if you don’t let it get the best of you!