October 22, 2018

Hitler Had 1,000’s, Jesus Had 12!

Have you ever got mad and wondered why someone else has more followers than you? And you start, critiquing everything on their social media or website! Then you start saying things like, they aren’t this or they don’t have that…LIKE I DO!

Well, what really needs to happen is to look at your OWN followers, do they add substance to your site OR do they just add fluff comments (if any at all). Do your followers inspire, motivate, encourage, not only you, but your other followers too OR do they degrade, bash and complain about you and/or your followers.

When it comes to followers, I think it’s more about QUALITY than QUANITY! I want to be able to touch people’s lives where it counts! I want to be a light in this dark world, even if it’s just a glimmer. I want to motivate you to do more than what you ever thought you could! I want to inspire you to go after dreams and goals, that others said were impossible! I want to encourage you to take that momentum and pay it forward! All it takes is spark, to light a fire! But just as it only takes a spark to light a fire, it only takes one tear to fizzle out that spark! That one tear can come from a “follower worth having” given by a “follower not worth having”!

If I am blessed by having you be a part of this journey with me, I can promise you one thing, I will NOT put up with any rudeness, bashing or degrading. I will have no problem having 1 less follower, if it means I am protecting the heart and mind of others.

This is all new for me, but the one thing that is NOT new for me is morals, integrity, character and ethics! I look forward to taking this venture and getting more people finding their true beauty and happiness from within!



It’s been awhile

Well all I can say is I have been on a journey…I have had some medical issues come up, but with no insurance, I am limited to what can be done. I need surgery, but it will have to wait. I am in my 3rd college class, my first one was Computers (102%), and my second was American Lit (97%). Right now I am taking Biology and next month it’s Adv Bio, then finally my last pre-req course will be Statistics. Then I get a nice break til Jan 2012 when my core program begins!! I can’t wait!!! Right now I am jobless (again), but I am not stressing over it…I am praying and when the right job happens…it happens. As for anything else…life has been quite busy with just being a single mom to a very active daughter, school and taking time for me. Which is so nice.  I will be taking it up a notch in a month….I am going to be the healthiest I have been.

I should be a motivational speaker…or so many have told me…I have also been told I need to write a book. Those are both my weak traits…I guess its two things I need to start focusing on!!!

Why is what I do…NOT THE NORM!?!

(This was a blog written by a great friend of mine…my additions are in white)

This is Tupperware.

There is nothing remarkable about it, and definitely no reason for people to fear it. It is simply a container used to store food. It has no evil agenda to speak of, and should be allowed to pass unnoticed. So why is it whenever I break it out to eat my pre-prepared food, people literally FREAK OUT?!
Why…why freak out…no one seems to freak out when they see TO GO boxes and containers…makes you wonder?

Then there is a natural progression….
Stage one is the questions stage…”whatcha got in there?” “Are you on a diet?”
Stage two is the excuses stage…”I wish I had time to prepare my food.” “Doesn’t matter what I eat, I can’t lose weight.”
three is the rationalization stage…”It’s too expensive to eat like that.” “I can go to Taco Bell and get 3 meals for $10”.

Usually after Stage three they stop their rant because they have finally realized that I haven’t really acknowledged anything that they have said, and have finished eating. Honestly, they didn’t really want a response from me, they just wanted to remind themselves why they CAN’T do what I am doing.

My most favorite line is, “I didn’t know eating healthy could smell sooo good.” Well, why don’t you try it and shut up then!

But let’s look at their motivation. Why do they care what I eat?! SERIOUSLY?! If I go with friends to a restaurant and they order the double bacon burger with extra bacon…do I say anything?! Nope, cause I really don’t care. In fact if I am at a table full of people that have just supersized their meal, why are all eyes on me when I order something “healthy”?! It really is a sad commentary on us as a society, when the one person in the group that wants to improve themselves, rather than bitch about why they can’t, is questioned.

It really is like the alcoholic that wants you to drink with them. They know they are weak willed and want you to mirror their actions so they don’t actually have to look at themselves with disappointment. Whenever someone tries to better themselves, other people, who lack the discipline to do the same attempt to pull them back to the pack. We as a society continue to cater to the lowest common denominator. It’s kind of like the joy some people take when celebrities get caught doing something they shouldn’t be doing. “Hey look, Random Rock Star is just as screwed up as me….I now feel better about my mediocre existence.”

This is the most annoying, people seem to think I don’t drink because I train. No people, I don’t drink because I don’t like the taste or smell, not to mention I could think of other ways to spend my hard earned money!

How sad is that?!

So sick of people opening their mouths and spewing garbage!!

I am so sick of inhumane individuals!!! Seriously you all need to get a life and shut the hell up!!

You see, I have been on both sides of the fence. I have been the overweight girl, the one who every guy wants to pretend to be friends with to get close to her “skinny” friends. I have heard ALL the rude, critical comments people can make…from “you’d be soooo much prettier if you only lost weight” to “you will never find happiness or a man cuz you are fat”.


And now that I have lost weight and have got healthy…now I get the opposite…sometimes I wonder which is worse!! I had a EX-friend of mine from my heavy days ask me to REGAIN my weight cuz when we went out, she no longer got all the attention (can we say shallow)! I have people tell me now that I am TOO skinny and that I have to stop losing weight to just make others happy (i.e., a guy). Or my favorite…the guys that knew me before, who come to me now wanting to date me! Seriously…get a clue!!

You see, I am the same EXACT person I was at 275 as I am at 145!! If anything, I am MUCH wiser and don’t put up with the BS people dish out!!

This is what I think about people who criticise and down graded the people around them. THEY ARE THE ONES WITH ISSUES!! THEY are the ones who are shallow, have low self esteem and are unhappy!

You see it wasn’t that I wanted to be heavy, but life circumstances got to me. I had 2 serious car accidents that left me in a lot of pain. I also had a really bad relationship that caused some crap too. It didn’t matter if someone said negative crap to me or positively lifted me up everyday. I was stuck in this rut…but I liked it there…at the time I felt safe. Well, then my turning point came. And it came out all on its own and that’s when I realized I needed to start making changes in my life for the better…FOR ME…not for anyone else. Though those changes would start affecting the people around me, the biggest…MY DAUGHTER! She would have a mom who would smile more, a mom who would live a lot longer, a mom who wouldn’t tell her, “sorry I am too exhausted to sit up and read with you” (yes, I really said that)! So I took charge and changed my mindset…NOT THE PERSON I WAS.

I love who I am, I am happy with who I am. I also love who I was because it made me appreciate who I am now. Everyone has their vices in life. You can’t make anyone change…it is completely and utterly UP TO THEM!! Do I have things on my body I would like to “fix”..of course…when u are heavy for 14 years…and lose over 100 pounds there is ALOT of loose skin. But I don’t want to do it for vanity purposes, its more because it is uncomfortable and an annoyance. I could even careless how I went from a 36D to a 34B…I would rather spend $45 on a great bra then $7000 on fake boobs, especially when that money can go to my daughters college education! I am not against cosmetic surgery, nor the people who decide to do it. Again, it is their own choice, no one can make it for them! But if you do it (cosmetic surgery)…own it. Don’t try and pretend or act like you busted your ass to look that way. It’s probably why I love Patricia Heaton, she owns it…she has no problem telling the world she has had work done…that is what makes the difference!

Well…I guess this is enough for now. I will keep doing my lunges and glute work to try and give myself an ass, I will continue to do cardio to lower my body fat and I will continue to be the person I always have been…NOT FOR YOU…BUT FOR ME!!! Keep loving yourself and be true to yourself…in the end it is all that matters anyway!! 🙂

So…I had to get back on here!!!

So it has been a very long time since typing a blog! Especially one about myself and where my life is heading!! I was going to start a whole new page, but since I still am the BIONIC WOMAN and all this is a part of who I am…I am continuing on from here!!

So this is me!! I am in such an awesome place in my life right now! God has so richly blessed me!! At the end of July, I had some medical issues that came back w/ all negative results and I got things taken care of! To August, walking away from a dream/goal of mine. Then a month later, finally leaving by dream career in law enforcement. I was a mess, a complete and utter wreck. But over the weeks following all of those decisions and obstacles, God has restored me and shown that through all the hurt, heartache and trials…that He had the controls the entire time…He knew what He was doing…and what I thought was hell has turned into complete heaven!! All the stress and drama is gone…I wake up everyday enjoying my life, loving my daughter, knowing that each day is mine to take and make with it what I choose!! I TOOK MY LIFE BACK!!

So this is it…I am back to my training. It is going slow…but I already made strides in my cardio!! I am able to make it 15 miles on my bike before my entire left leg goes numb and I can go 35 mins on the elliptical!! That may not sound HUGE to you…but OMG…it is a milestone for me!! I got to start strength training again to…starting slow. I am not doing any Olympic lifting like I did in CrossFit (the reason why I took down all my lifting stats), but I am still doing CrossFit body weight work. After all I LOVE MY PUSHUPS!!! I have no desire to train and compete in the CF Games…it would literally wreck my body…I already had issues with my metal, and I never even made it to the intense part of training. And my LIVING my life is so much more important than that! I am going back to my triathlons…but will only be doing ones for charities, not competition. After all, its not about the competition for me anymore…me just finishing one again, is way more of an accomplishment than any 1st place trophy/medal could ever give to me!! When you are told more than once in your life that “You will NEVER walk again”…and you prove them wrong in such a BIG way…your view on things change!
In my blogs from now on, who will read about my life, my journeys, my training, but mostly importantly…you read about how only YOU can overcome YOU! You are your worst enemy, get best that and you are so many steps ahead of everyone else!!
Oh and one last thing…the one thing I have got to sit back and watch and laugh my butt off….KARMA…it always gets ’em…and I never have to say or do anything, they accomplish it all on their own! After all, you reap what you sow!