October 22, 2018

Why I Do What I Do!

Have you ever been told “NO”, “NEVER”, “IMPOSSIBLE”, “CAN’T” or “WON”T”?

I HAVE!!! Way too many times in my life and almost every person who has spoken those words to me were doctors. I have learned one thing about doctor’s…it’s not they don’t know what they are doing, it’s just that they only practice medicine, they can’t determine the person’s WILL! My doctor’s soon realized I was a force to be reckoned with. That I wouldn’t let them or anyone else put ANY limitations on my life or my body.

The systems/conditions that my accidents have put on me are as follows:

A dull headache everyday, a migraine at least once a week, 20 surgeries total, loss of range of motion throughout my entire lumbar spine, loss of range of motion in my left hip flexor, numbness in sections of my left leg at all times, left leg going numb after 15-20 mins of standing on it (30 mins if sitting), muscle spasm throughout my back and left leg, constant sharp shooting pain down my left leg, constant dull ache in my lower back, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, PTSD, short term memory loss…

What limitations I allow affect me:


I have had every type of doctor imaginable: orthopedic, neurologist, neurosurgeon, Internist, General, Urologist, Psychologist, Plastic Surgeon (reconstructive), ER Trauma Surgeons, Anesthesiologist, Gastroenterologists, Optometrist, Psychiatrist, Rheumatologist, Infectious Disease Specialist, Physiatrist and Radiologist.

Who do I have now:


If you have read a previous post of mine about all the prescription medications I was on (Click Here, if you haven’t), then you also know that I no longer take any. My body has become completely immune to any and all medications (including pain meds). I had my last surgery (total hip replacement) without any pain meds.

Now why do I do what I do?

Because I KNOW ME better than anyone else. I know when to rest and I know when to keep going. I know the difference between being SORE from a great workout and being IN PAIN from my injuries.

Because I am a SINGLE MOM. 24/7, 365 days a year. If dinner has to be cook, it’s up to me. If laundry has to be done or the house vacuumed, that’s on me too. If want food in the fridge, clothes for my daughter and a roof over our heads, that also on me.

Pain or no pain, I still have responsibilities and priorities. Just because I have suffered through much, gives me no excuse. If I want to make the best out of my life, why would I give the reins to someone who knows NOTHING about my life?

I have taken control back, I do research on my injuries, I find out how to tweak things to fit me…I say this all the time…”This is MY NEW NORMAL”!

It’s been awhile

Well all I can say is I have been on a journey…I have had some medical issues come up, but with no insurance, I am limited to what can be done. I need surgery, but it will have to wait. I am in my 3rd college class, my first one was Computers (102%), and my second was American Lit (97%). Right now I am taking Biology and next month it’s Adv Bio, then finally my last pre-req course will be Statistics. Then I get a nice break til Jan 2012 when my core program begins!! I can’t wait!!! Right now I am jobless (again), but I am not stressing over it…I am praying and when the right job happens…it happens. As for anything else…life has been quite busy with just being a single mom to a very active daughter, school and taking time for me. Which is so nice.  I will be taking it up a notch in a month….I am going to be the healthiest I have been.

I should be a motivational speaker…or so many have told me…I have also been told I need to write a book. Those are both my weak traits…I guess its two things I need to start focusing on!!!

So…I had to get back on here!!!

So it has been a very long time since typing a blog! Especially one about myself and where my life is heading!! I was going to start a whole new page, but since I still am the BIONIC WOMAN and all this is a part of who I am…I am continuing on from here!!

So this is me!! I am in such an awesome place in my life right now! God has so richly blessed me!! At the end of July, I had some medical issues that came back w/ all negative results and I got things taken care of! To August, walking away from a dream/goal of mine. Then a month later, finally leaving by dream career in law enforcement. I was a mess, a complete and utter wreck. But over the weeks following all of those decisions and obstacles, God has restored me and shown that through all the hurt, heartache and trials…that He had the controls the entire time…He knew what He was doing…and what I thought was hell has turned into complete heaven!! All the stress and drama is gone…I wake up everyday enjoying my life, loving my daughter, knowing that each day is mine to take and make with it what I choose!! I TOOK MY LIFE BACK!!

So this is it…I am back to my training. It is going slow…but I already made strides in my cardio!! I am able to make it 15 miles on my bike before my entire left leg goes numb and I can go 35 mins on the elliptical!! That may not sound HUGE to you…but OMG…it is a milestone for me!! I got to start strength training again to…starting slow. I am not doing any Olympic lifting like I did in CrossFit (the reason why I took down all my lifting stats), but I am still doing CrossFit body weight work. After all I LOVE MY PUSHUPS!!! I have no desire to train and compete in the CF Games…it would literally wreck my body…I already had issues with my metal, and I never even made it to the intense part of training. And my LIVING my life is so much more important than that! I am going back to my triathlons…but will only be doing ones for charities, not competition. After all, its not about the competition for me anymore…me just finishing one again, is way more of an accomplishment than any 1st place trophy/medal could ever give to me!! When you are told more than once in your life that “You will NEVER walk again”…and you prove them wrong in such a BIG way…your view on things change!
In my blogs from now on, who will read about my life, my journeys, my training, but mostly importantly…you read about how only YOU can overcome YOU! You are your worst enemy, get best that and you are so many steps ahead of everyone else!!
Oh and one last thing…the one thing I have got to sit back and watch and laugh my butt off….KARMA…it always gets ’em…and I never have to say or do anything, they accomplish it all on their own! After all, you reap what you sow!

My Left Hip is my nemesis…

Well, I just have to realize my left hip will just be my enemy for the REST OF MY LIFE!!! During the Fitness Assessment…I was in tears (LITERALLY) trying to just get .87 miles in 12minutes! And then in today’s WOD I am NOT subbing anymore…I don’t care if I have to walk it….if it says RUN….I WILL be using my legs in some fashion!! Though I already know tears will be flowing! Time to SUCK IT UP!

Strength Work ~
1×20 Dead Lift @ 95 (left really good…definitely could have gone higher in weight, so next time!)
1×20 Push Press @ 85 (I pushed my limits…but only got in 17!! My arms weakened!! UGH!!)

3 Rounds For Time : 22:32
50m Overhead Lunges (25lb plate) (last rd did wide lunges left hip was on fire)
40 Step Ups
400m Run (yes I jogged at 4.6-5.0 pace!!)

Checkout ~
4x30sec Handstand Holds (getting better, but these SUCK!!)

My food is definitely getting better, but I am cutting out more fruit…and adding more veggies and protein. I also IF twice a week, just a 12 hr ones, though I will be doing a 24 hr one if I need to!

What can YOU do in an hour??

I found out what I can!!! 🙂


Strength Work ~
Push Jerk 1-1-1-1-1
75~85~95~100~110PR  Hell Yeah!!!

For Time : 10:16
21 ~ 15 ~ 9
KBS @ 30
Jumping Pull-ups
DB Press (L/R) @ 30

CFE ~ Bike
10x220m (rest same time in between as long as it took u to do it)

Stretch to cool down….or should I say die on the gym floor!!! But I love kicking my own ass!! My hip starting giving me issues….but I was not about to give in to it…MIND over MATTER! It was not HURT PAIN, it was like HELLO STOP USING ME AND CRAWL INTO BED OR I AM GONNA GO NUMB!!!

Can’t wait to hit it again tomorrow…I love CrossFit…what a great rehab for me….this should be a part of everyones physical therapy!!!