October 22, 2018

“Scale” Weight

Are you type of person who wakes up every morning and steps on the scale? Then depending on what it says, decides your mood and what you decide to do for the day, in means of eating and exercise. Then you continue through the day rechecking your “scale” weight, only to get discouraged, mad, disappointed or even depressed that it is fluctuating from what it read that morning.

First, let’s talk about what the number on the scale ACTUALLY means. The most important is that if you see a number, it means YOU ARE ALIVE!! But really, your weight is made up of three main components – fat, water, and lean body mass (muscle, organs, and bone).  A regular bathroom scale can’t not give you these three separate numbers; you would need a body composition scale.  I have come across a scale I would buy for myself, not for the measurement of my weight, but for everything else it gives me. It’s called the Iron Girl Body Composition Monitor, and yes boys there is an Iron MAN one too! It measures your: weight, body fat %, body water %, muscle mass, bone mass, daily caloric intake, visceral fat and physique rating.  Can we just say…WOW!! This line of scales are amazing, they have one in the Iron Man line that actually helps you balance out your right side to your left (so say you have an injury to your left leg, it will help guide you into rebuilding it to match your right)!


[amazon_enhanced asin=”B0007Y6BS4″ container=”” container_class=”” price=”Hide” background_color=”FFFFFF” link_color=”000000″ text_color=”0000FF” /] [amazon_enhanced asin=”B006OQO6MW” container=”” container_class=”” price=”Hide” background_color=”FFFFFF” link_color=”000000″ text_color=”0000FF” /]

Second, when you see a loss on the scale, do you know what it is you exactly lost? Is it water, is it fat or worse, is it lean muscle? The answer is probably no. But how can you help your mind understand this better…EASY, measure yourself! Take your measurements at your chest (females on top and under), your waist (maybe in 2 different sections), hips, arm, and leg. Another way to gauge composition in our body is by your clothes. You can do this in two ways: one by the clothes you fit into right now and then also by that goal pair of jeans. The one thing you don’t want to lose is your lean muscle mass. Why? Your muscle is what keeps your metabolism on fire. The more you have the higher your metabolism is, means the more calories your body burns. How can you not want more muscle!?

Third, would you rather weight 150lbs with 26% body fat OR weigh 150lbs with 18% body fat? Would you rather, at rest, burn 2000 cals a day or burn 2500 cals a day? I know I would much rather have the latter!

You see everyone who starts a weight loss journey, gets discouraged around week 3. Why? Well, if you every have seen the Biggest Loser, there first week weight loss is extreme, mainly because of water weight loss. Then their 2nd week is still pretty good, but then week 3 hits and it’s like a wall! Their smiles are gone, they are disappointed and confused. They have eaten the same way as the first two weeks and possibly have worked out even harder this week, but the scale barely shows it. If the composition of their bodies were measured too and were posted on the screen, you might see something very impressive, the loss of body fat was great and that their lean body mass went up. THIS IS A VERY POSITIVE THING!

Here is a wonderful friend of mine, Magda, she did a Paleo Challenge at her CrossFit Box for 52 days. During this challenge, she lost only 2lbs, if she never took before and after pictures, she would have never seen the body composition change in herself!

 Check her out at TriWellnessByMagda!

In the end, don’t give up when you see no loss on the scale when you step on, after all it is JUST a number. Ask yourself how do you feel, do your clothes fit different, can you see changes in your body (take progress pictures, it is easy to forget what you look from month to month, when you see yourself daily). Do you have more energy due to your new eating changes? Do you feel stronger when your workout? This is what is MORE important, than ANY number on a scale!

If you truly want a scale for your house…get a FOOD scale to measure your exact intake!!

Hitler Had 1,000’s, Jesus Had 12!

Have you ever got mad and wondered why someone else has more followers than you? And you start, critiquing everything on their social media or website! Then you start saying things like, they aren’t this or they don’t have that…LIKE I DO!

Well, what really needs to happen is to look at your OWN followers, do they add substance to your site OR do they just add fluff comments (if any at all). Do your followers inspire, motivate, encourage, not only you, but your other followers too OR do they degrade, bash and complain about you and/or your followers.

When it comes to followers, I think it’s more about QUALITY than QUANITY! I want to be able to touch people’s lives where it counts! I want to be a light in this dark world, even if it’s just a glimmer. I want to motivate you to do more than what you ever thought you could! I want to inspire you to go after dreams and goals, that others said were impossible! I want to encourage you to take that momentum and pay it forward! All it takes is spark, to light a fire! But just as it only takes a spark to light a fire, it only takes one tear to fizzle out that spark! That one tear can come from a “follower worth having” given by a “follower not worth having”!

If I am blessed by having you be a part of this journey with me, I can promise you one thing, I will NOT put up with any rudeness, bashing or degrading. I will have no problem having 1 less follower, if it means I am protecting the heart and mind of others.

This is all new for me, but the one thing that is NOT new for me is morals, integrity, character and ethics! I look forward to taking this venture and getting more people finding their true beauty and happiness from within!



Why I Do What I Do!

Have you ever been told “NO”, “NEVER”, “IMPOSSIBLE”, “CAN’T” or “WON”T”?

I HAVE!!! Way too many times in my life and almost every person who has spoken those words to me were doctors. I have learned one thing about doctor’s…it’s not they don’t know what they are doing, it’s just that they only practice medicine, they can’t determine the person’s WILL! My doctor’s soon realized I was a force to be reckoned with. That I wouldn’t let them or anyone else put ANY limitations on my life or my body.

The systems/conditions that my accidents have put on me are as follows:

A dull headache everyday, a migraine at least once a week, 20 surgeries total, loss of range of motion throughout my entire lumbar spine, loss of range of motion in my left hip flexor, numbness in sections of my left leg at all times, left leg going numb after 15-20 mins of standing on it (30 mins if sitting), muscle spasm throughout my back and left leg, constant sharp shooting pain down my left leg, constant dull ache in my lower back, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, PTSD, short term memory loss…

What limitations I allow affect me:


I have had every type of doctor imaginable: orthopedic, neurologist, neurosurgeon, Internist, General, Urologist, Psychologist, Plastic Surgeon (reconstructive), ER Trauma Surgeons, Anesthesiologist, Gastroenterologists, Optometrist, Psychiatrist, Rheumatologist, Infectious Disease Specialist, Physiatrist and Radiologist.

Who do I have now:


If you have read a previous post of mine about all the prescription medications I was on (Click Here, if you haven’t), then you also know that I no longer take any. My body has become completely immune to any and all medications (including pain meds). I had my last surgery (total hip replacement) without any pain meds.

Now why do I do what I do?

Because I KNOW ME better than anyone else. I know when to rest and I know when to keep going. I know the difference between being SORE from a great workout and being IN PAIN from my injuries.

Because I am a SINGLE MOM. 24/7, 365 days a year. If dinner has to be cook, it’s up to me. If laundry has to be done or the house vacuumed, that’s on me too. If want food in the fridge, clothes for my daughter and a roof over our heads, that also on me.

Pain or no pain, I still have responsibilities and priorities. Just because I have suffered through much, gives me no excuse. If I want to make the best out of my life, why would I give the reins to someone who knows NOTHING about my life?

I have taken control back, I do research on my injuries, I find out how to tweak things to fit me…I say this all the time…”This is MY NEW NORMAL”!

What INSPIRES you….

Where do I even begin this?  People ask me this all the time and to be honest I never really give the same answer. It depends where I am at in my life, what I am going through, the situation I am in, etc.  You see many things throughout my life have inspired me. When I was younger, my brother inspired me to stand up for myself. That just because I was a girl, didn’t mean I had to put up with crap. Then as I hit my teen years, I never was the type to idolize celebrities or singers….I had Olympic athletes posted on my walls and quotes of achievements. In high school, I was my own inspiration. I wanted to stand out from the normal. I wasn’t part of any “clique” in school, I became the bully’s bully (I wouldn’t stand for anyone degrading anyone else for any reason), I threw myself into my school work and my sports training. I had goals written on my mirror in my room that I wanted to have crossed off before graduation. There were certain individuals in school that quite didn’t get me (though I didn’t care). I lived in the weight room, I loved it there (funny I still do), it became my place of solace. I broke a lot of records in there too….but mostly I realized I was not just building my outer strength, but also my inner strength. After high school, I made the decision to do a power lifting competition, it was just another thing to cross off my list. You see my list starting becoming not things I thought of, but what others put there…when I heard someone say “You can’t do that…you’re a girl” just spurred me and made me think “REALLY…WATCH ME!”.  Some people thought I set my goals too high, I always thought I set them to low (sometimes I still do). Then my first accident happened, my ONLY inspiration during those most grueling 2 years was my dad. He made me remember everything I once was and still could be. Another inspiration would be my sister, Stephanie. I’ll never forget the day she called me and said, I didn’t lose my sister in 2 serious accidents, I’m not gonna lose her now due to depression. She told me to stop listening to my doctors, they only knew my body…NOT MY HEART. She told me to take back my life and start living again. AND I DID! Throughout my journey so far in life, there have been many friends, family and even strangers that have inspired me. Some don’t even know they have or that they do.

Through all of this though, every inspiration I have had doesn’t amount to the BIGGEST one of all, my daughter. She inspires me daily, sometimes hourly! She is the one who makes me fight through all the hard times, through the pain and suffering, through the times I just want to give up and give in. She is my greatest achievement…one I never had on my list. She has been my biggest cheerleader, supporter, and source of encouragement.

So if I had to choose just one thing that inspires me….it’s ADRIANNA!

So my question to you….what INSPIRES you?



Things happen…

As much as I can say NOTHING has been happening in my world…so much has been happening within me. I am learning a lot about things that I once thought I knew a lot about! (Does that make sense?) I am basically starting my life all over again. Venturing out into a new career, being back in college, about to have a TEEN in my home, being single again and being ok. I know God has a hold of me and of my daughter. I have realized why I have not been happy and I am working on fixing it. I have been asked by a friend to help her tone up, I am getting back at it too…back at eating right and being healthy for me and training with Amanda (who has been such a huge blessing in my life!)!! All I know is that even though I have been jobless for 7 months and dealing with huge budgeting strategies…I am looking forward to all the NEW in my life and saying goodbye to all the OLD!!!