November 18, 2019

Oh The Questions I Get Asked…Part I

I get some pretty strange questions all the time and some pretty personal ones too! I am getting use to my life being an open book, whether I am having a bad day, just hit one of my goals, or just an average run of mill day…I am letting people see that I am only human, just like everyone else. I don’t think I am better than anyone, nor do I think that I am a failure.

After all, failure only occurs when you stop trying! I am going to list some questions I have been asked and I am also going to respond to them! I never stop trying, I might tweak it to make it fit better for me, or I might change direction or it might end up turning out completely different than what I pictured, but I never stop trying.

I am going to list some questions I have been asked and I am also going to respond to them!


Why are you squatting that way?

You might be wondering what my squats look like now! I definitely squat different than a person who has had no back or hip surgeries or injuries. Can I squat the same way that an Olympic lifter does, yes I can. But in order for me to do repetitive sets, at a solid weight, I have to tweak it. Sometimes my feet are farther out in front of my stance and I squat basically sticking my butt out and chest up. Another way is using plates under my heels. This way takes some pressure off, which helps me dramatically! I also never just push out squats as fast as I can; I use steady consistency throughout the entire movement, sometimes even holding the squat in the down position for a 3-5 count.  If I want to do explosive squats, I never do them with weight; I do air squats, which is still a good training for my glutes, hamstrings and quads. These even work my core.

Why don’t you ever tell me to do sit-ups?

It’s not that I don’t like them; there are just so many other core strengthening techniques that don’t put as much pressure on my lower spine and yield better results (I think).

You have chronic pain? But you don’t look in pain?

This one almost always gets me to laugh. My response, please explain to me exactly what pain looks like. I have learned to mask my pain with a smile. It helps me get through it. I don’t have time to be bed ridden, after all I escaped death 3 times…I WANT TO LIVE MY LIFE…even in chronic pain!

How are you handicapped…you are so young? (Or I get the disgusted look and eye roll)

Yes, I am young, but I have had a handicap parking permit on and off since I have been 18. I have lived MANY years on a walker, trust me no 18 year old wants to have to depend on a walker! But it was letting me walk, something that I was told I would never do! I now have a permanent handicap permit and I don’t use it all the time. I use it on my bad days or when I know I will be walking for awhile because I just might not make it back to my car. You see, I can’t stand long on my left leg. Within about 30-45 minutes the throbbing starts and the stabbing pains kick in.  Then within 15-30 minutes after that all begins, my entire leg goes dead, completely numb. Yet my hip is completely ON FIRE. Then I start over compensating and my lower back then gives out. So yes, I am handicap in the eyes of my doctors (not the government), but I don’t consider myself handicapped, I just have limitations that I have work around.

Oh, you were injured in the line of duty? You must be very well taken care of!

OK…I have one word….HA!!! Not even close! That so called family, the “Brotherhood” you hear about…cut the umbilical cord the night of my accident. I had to literally fight for everything; my paycheck, my healthcare, I was even cut off early from physical therapy before I could walk because I was told it wasn’t necessary. I was forced out because I became a liability. The agency I worked for is not part of a union, so the Sheriff dictates how things are run, he changes the rules to FIT as he sees fit. I resigned after 10 years of dedicated service without even a thank you. So, no I am not taken care of, actually if it wasn’t for my family I would be homeless and many of days my daughter and I would gone without food.


Well I don’t have much to write about since my doc has taken CrossFit away from me until I see him this Friday!! I had my second procedure and it made things extremely worse!! Both my legs go numb now for absolutely NO REASON and then the weather on top of it has not been nice to me! So I can tell I will be hating summers (w/ rain) and winters (w/cold) for the rest of my life!! So time to suck it up and deal!

I had my 18 month follow up from my accident last Tuesday and my ortho doc put me at MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement). I am as far healed and recovered as I ever will be and that I will NEVER be returning as a deputy! 🙁  But I came to being ok with this almost a year ago!! But it still absolutely sux to know that the dream you had for 14 years and achieved is gone in a blink of an eye!!

As for the rest of my life…I have some HUGE decisions to make regarding my future and financial state for me and my daughter. I had this NEW SPARK come into my life for a new dream/goal…but me being the analytical person I am…things are happening that I might have to leave that dream behind. I am doing a lot of praying and seeing if this is truly what my future is supposed to be! All I know is that I will do whatever is right for me and Adrianna.

I hope I get the ok this Friday that I can restart my WODs come Saturday!!! But I will be doing it just every other day…with maybe a CFE on the off days!!! And gonna start some open water swims!

While driving….

So I am just having some thoughts while sitting in the car driving up north for my little mini-vaca and I thought I would put it to paper (or to screen….lol)!

For the past 14 years of my life (from the age of 18 to 32) I had ONE dream…and that was to become a cop. I did everything I could…I fought, struggled, and succeed. And in 10 short weeks after becoming certified my amazing dream and being on cloud 9, became my worst nightmare! I have been living with this nightmare night and day. You see I am opposite, I don’t dream when I sleep…in which, actually I am fully grateful! It is bad enough to LIVE your nightmare throughout the day…so the only time I didn’t was when I slept (which isn’t very often).

Well it was just until I started CrossFit that I finally started refocusing my thought process. I started focusing on what mattered most…ME and MY DAUGHTER! You see, nothing else in this world matters but YOUR FAMILY! I needed to REFIND my happiness! I needed to REFIND Sue! I needed to FIND my flame…a desire again…a NEW GOAL…a NEW DREAM!

And I did!!! I have a desire and a passion…and I am going full force into it! I am praying about it a lot! I have talked it over with the most important person that it is going to affect (my daughter) and she is my NUMBER ONE supporter and encourager!! I have also only shared my DREAM and VISION with a select few…and all are standing behind me AND with me on my NEW VENTURE! I don’t know when this NEW VENTURE will blossom (heck the last one took me 14 years), but I am ready for it when it does!!!

ANDI FLIPPIN’ CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!