October 22, 2018

Wow…what a journey!

I have gone back and reread a lot of my blogs and I have to admit…DAMN IAM ALL OVER THE PLACE!! I have come to realize in the past months (mostly due to being bed ridden after two major surgeries back to back) that I am severely depressed. I have the want to do things in my heart but my head could really careless. I do a lot of BS talk because I don’t want anyone feeling sorry for me. No one understands just how much I hate hearing the same things over and over, the same questions, the same statements…I can write a book about all of it. The one thing I think people don’t understand is the more positive verbiage you say to someone (and that they hear from 50 other people) actually starts turning into a negative. People say things just to say things because they think it helps…being silent helps a lot more sometimes!  I hate answering the same questions…how many ways can you say “NO, no change.” When you do NOTHING day in and day out but sit in your four walls at your house (somedays not even being able to move) …and someone says “So anything new?” or “So what did you do today?” Really…I have given you the SAME EXACT ANSWER FOR THE PAST 16 MONTHS…and then they question your answer…and then get upset with me because I have nothing different to say. Well…if you don’t like what I say…stop calling me and asking me the same flippin’ questions day in and day out!!

As an update – I am no longer in college, I got screwed financially by Keiser and then I can’t get all the financial assistance I need from Edison to conitinue, so that is on the back burner for a while. I am at 17 months of being unemployed and I am completely FLAT BROKE. I have had a total of 3 major surgeries this year (Feb, Aug and Nov). Due to those surgeries I hgave gained 25 pounds, which only makes things worse for physically and mentally! I have applied for disability, but have yet to hear a word. I am so disgusted by the government, it’s not even funny! I have come to find out, YET AGAIN, who my real friends are. I am single, and plan on staying that way for a while. I am not happy with me, so how can I be happy with anyone else. My heart has been severely used and abused (mostly by me letting it happen) and is needing to just be left alone for a long time. I am severely depressed and yet I can’t be in front of my daughter, so I do A LOT of pretending!!

Yeah…so this is me right now…HOW GREAT!!!

Back at it….

Well starting yesterday I’m back at serious training, including eating the right way. Two months strict then I’ll cut back and even things out. I’m also back in college classes…19 months to go till graduation!

So I figured I would track my progress back on here…

May 1
AM training
strength train – shoulders
30 min StairMaster
30 min Bike

PM Training
Insanity DVD 30mins
100 push-ups

May 2
60 min Elliptical
100 push-ups

It’s been awhile

Well all I can say is I have been on a journey…I have had some medical issues come up, but with no insurance, I am limited to what can be done. I need surgery, but it will have to wait. I am in my 3rd college class, my first one was Computers (102%), and my second was American Lit (97%). Right now I am taking Biology and next month it’s Adv Bio, then finally my last pre-req course will be Statistics. Then I get a nice break til Jan 2012 when my core program begins!! I can’t wait!!! Right now I am jobless (again), but I am not stressing over it…I am praying and when the right job happens…it happens. As for anything else…life has been quite busy with just being a single mom to a very active daughter, school and taking time for me. Which is so nice.  I will be taking it up a notch in a month….I am going to be the healthiest I have been.

I should be a motivational speaker…or so many have told me…I have also been told I need to write a book. Those are both my weak traits…I guess its two things I need to start focusing on!!!

I’m a college gal…AGAIN!!

Monday I started my prereqs for the starting of my new journey!!  There are 8 classes, but I only have 5 to take. Each class is course intensive and online. Each class is only 4 weeks, with a midterm and final, along with open discussions (u have to participate in) and yep…research and term papers to write!! Am I crazy…nah…just want to get them done and over with. Then I get an 8 month break til my Program course begins for 6 months in class course work and then 10 months clinical work!!

I have been blessed with a job while going after my next career goal. They are completely behind me as a single mom and supporting me as I go back to college!! It is such a HUGE blessing!

So…I will try and get on here as often as I can, but it might be a week in between…unless something really needs to be written!! LOL!!