July 8, 2020

Sometimes you just have to….


I am usually the one who keeps trying and trying to make a friendship/relationship work…and I am always the one who ends up getting walked out on. You see, it’s because I inherited this wonderful trait from my father. I am one to stick it out, get walked on, forgive over and over, let things slide, keep my mouth shut to appease someone and give too many chances!

I will admit that I finally, over the past 3 years, have started walking away before I let someone take everything from me. It’s funny…how is it, when I get waked away from, I never say anything rude about that individual. I realize I did everything in my human power to make things work/fix things, it just didn’t happen and this was what was supposed to occur. YET, when I walk away…the tongue lashing I receive (behind my back, of course) is absolutely horrendous! What I like best is when I get called names that don’t even “fit”…if you know me then you know the names that don’t fit! I am blunt honest (sometimes brutally), but isn’t that what we all should be. I call things like I see them, I am not asking for you to agree, to do as I say…but it’s just my thought/opinion. (I have noticed though the more truthful I am, the more the other person (who is lying to themselves) gets upset with me….but frankly I don’t care if you get mad at me because I am being honest. (This would be the same person who is pissed at all the liars in their life).

If more people stopped FAKING what they want and who they are…more people could be REAL!!

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