June 4, 2020

So I’m thinking…

I really think I should start a recipe book for picky PALEO/ZONE eaters!!!  I could probably make some money off of it….because I am starting to become very creative in my limited choices and yet my meals are so darn yummy!! Even so delicious that my kid is finishing them before I do!!

So on to what this is really about…my WODs!! Today was great…I was so happy that I got to push myself alongside LL!!

Strength Work ~
1×20 Squat Clean @ 65 (started out at there, but at the last 5 I had to drop the weight to 55. I hate that I can’t jump!)
1×20 Bench Press @ 90 (8 weeks ago I started this at 75, I am stoked that I jumped this amount…lovin’ it!)

My upper body definitely isn’t my problem…it’s my lifts that include my hip…where I have to jump and throw my hip into it or use my low back (i.e, dead lift). But my numbers are increasing and all I can say to that is…my muscles are getting stronger and are building….slowly but surely. And I will take that!!

WOD ~ repeat from 5/6/10 (old time 9:06)
10 Rds For Time:7:04
3 Snatch Pulls 90% 1RM
6 Ring Dips (sub Reg Dips-don’t have rings)
9 KTE (sub Inverted sit-ups-no area to do this)
(Exactly what I did last time)

2 x 100 single jump ropes

Now to just ramble…cuz I haven’t mentioned it…but OMG!! The Games…my laptop was attached to my hip this past weekend!!! I was addicted…it was like I was on crack!!! I loved every minute of it. It  made me realize how far away I am from 2011 competition, but that’s ok…I am completely in awe of those athletes. And two I have come to just start chatting with on Facebook briefly. But all blew me away!! The ONE thing I love most about CrossFit is that it makes YOU challenge YOU!! You witnessed it FIRSTHAND in the Finals, yes they were there to see who was the fittest in the world….but when they were done with their WOD, they didn’t walk away…they encouraged,supported, cheered on, pushed, yelled at to keep going, hugged, fist pumped…the same people they were just battling against. You would never see that in other sports!! I love being a part of this community and I plan on it staying a part of my life until the day I die! 🙂


  1. how aboutt he sudden huddle of men around us at the gym> wtf?
    LOve the games stuff, its the real deal.

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