July 8, 2020

Sick and Tired…and as a WOMAN u should be too…

Why is it that over the last decade out in the relationship world…things have changed…ROLES have been reversed, let me¬†explain

  • Females are supporting males
  • Females are the ones doing the driving (due to the Male having no DL or no vehicle)
  • Females are the ones working multiple jobs to support their family (while the Males sit on unemployment, playing video games)
  • Females pay their way, almost all the time (I totally agree with going Dutch, BTW)
  • Females find a way to make time, even after working multiple jobs, cleaning, cooking, working out, taking care of her children…yet a Male needs his MAN CAVE time (notice female list did NOT include ME time)
  • Females will cook for you, do your laundry, run errands for you, even go shopping to buy a gift for your parents (or kids), YET a Male gets pissed if we ask to help us do something around the house.
  • Females pay their bills (priorties) first, while Males pay for their toys first.

This is just a tad bit (and I know not ALL females and males fit into this)

Yet…the one place things haven’t changed is in society (life and work)…Males still earn more money in the same exact career field. Males still hold more upper levels of management than females (yet most couldn’t do anything without their female counterpart). Males are still led to believe they are the better sex.

Funny thing is if males are the better sex….then why are males falling to the waste side? (Oh wait, is it because they have grown up to know that Momma (a female) will always take care of them, make sure that all is ok and boost their egos.

I am so sick and tired of this shit…

(ok enough for tonight…lol)

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