July 8, 2020

Rest day…but NOT for me…

Rest day…what the HECK is that!!! I am going on day 5 of no sleep! Last night was due to Adrianna, she was having her migraines, which in turn was making her vomit…so no sleep AGAIN for me! So I have literally become a walking zombie!! I am NOT writing a food journal due to me barely eating…cuz when I don’t sleep, I don’t eat! I know…it’s not good!!

Then I worked all day…left a couple times to run home to check on Adrianna. then after work I ran to LL’s to drop off our shirts that coach sent to us. Then ran home to cook dinner, do some cleaning, then head out to spend time with family, run to the grocery store to pick up some snacks for the weekend and then home to finish up straightening the house cuz tomorrow I need to pack on my lunch hour!!!

So yeah…day off….Kev WHAT IS THAT!?!?!

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