May 28, 2020

Pukey Puke Puke…

Yep…today was one of those days…everything I ate came right back up…so is there really a point to let ya know what my Food Journal is unless you truly want to know what I puked!!!

So today’s blog also won’t be a long one due to the fact that I am typing with only my right arm…since I screwed up my left shoulder AGAIN during my WOD tonight!

So cutting to the chase…

AMRAP in 20 mins ~
65lb Thrusters, 5 Reps
65lb Hang Power Cleans, 7 Reps
65lb SDHP, 10 Reps
(only made it 8:10 mins for 5 rounds before I felt my entire left shoulder shred apart)!!!

No strength work (THANK GOD)

CFE ~ 6 x 1/2 mi Bike Sprints
1-3:03    2-2:52    3-2:43    4-2:36     5-2:29     6-2:22

Ok…took meds…I am going to ice.

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