May 28, 2020


So yesterday I went and started the first series of 3 procedures that my pain management doctor is trying (as I call it PLAN Z) to see if this will take any of my chronic pain away!

I call it PLAN Z…because this is it…there are NO more options left…no other type of procedures…no other kinds of medications….the only other type of things left will be surgeries!! And I am NOT going there…not yet…SURGERY IS NOT AN OPTION…I have had my fair share! At least so far….let’s see I have had 9 in 9 years…I think my body deserves a break. I WILL NOT give in or GIVE UP! I will JUST DEAL! I will deal with the daily pain I am in. I will deal with the CHRONIC PAIN that I am in. Between nerve pain, tingling, numbness, stabbing pain, dullness, sharpness, cramping, joint stiffness…I WILL DEAL!!  As much as I HATE taking all the meds I take…I WILL take them…all 15 pills a day to function!! I will down them everyday!!

So I will go thru this…I will deal with it and see if it works!!! We shall see……


  1. I understand your emotions! My sister deals with the same pain from a spinal cord injury. She has searched for answers for years. My pain is minor compared to yours but I am fighting tooth and nail against surgery. Keep breathing! One moment at a time is what we can do some days.

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