August 9, 2020

No where near home and LOVING EVERY MINUTE!!

I will be honest…every minute away from Cape Coral, is every minute more I realize how much I don’t BELONG there!! One day I will leave that place…it is NOT home to me…I need to find MY HOME! I know it won’t be til Adrianna leaves for college and starts her life and that’s ok…right now I do what is right for her and our life.

I want to live a laid back life, I want to walk out my front door and KNOW MY NEIGHBORS! I want to get up in the morning and sit out on my back deck with my coffee after doing my morning WOD and watch Gods creatures in their natural habitat.

I am in a different place in my life…and I know that the next few years are going to be fast paced….so I am prepared for it. For all the trials and obstacles and headaches that will occur. I am ready. Because all the amazing┬átestimonies that are going to come out of it….are going to out weigh all of it!!!

So today I did my first WOD since being on vacation….and from having some medical issues again. I did a light one and my sis did it with me.

3 rounds for time: 7:32
20 lunges
20 push-ups
20 situps
20 dips

Later tonight I am going to do a CFE on her elliptical

I need to do some weight training while I am here but there is NO heavy weights here…so I will be doing some dumbbell presses and swings. So we will see ­čÖé

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