May 28, 2020

My thoughts about Steroids and the people who use them….

Steroids…let me start by saying this…I believe that the people who us them for enhancement to gain strength are actually the weakest people in the world!

Let me start with this ~ I wrote this as my status on FB one day : “I love the people who THINK that other people don’t know they take STEROIDS!!! Seriously…do you think we are that stupid? Or are you just THAT DUMB?! All you might have is strength…which is gone the moment you stop…you have NO endurance or technique, you are WEAK…in SO MANY WAYS and you are CHEATING yourself……personally YOU ARE A COMPLETE AND UTTER LOSER!!!”

Now let me back it all up!!

Anabolic steroids, more accurately define as anabolic-androgenic steroids, do, in fact, increase muscle mass when taken by an individual who is training intensely with weights and following an adequate diet (notice I say adequate diet here)! Yet it has not been scientifically shown to to improve athletic performance (I wonder why)!

There are many healthy issues that come with the use of steroids. Steroids damage MANY body organs, including the liver, heart and kidneys (now add individuals who also smoke and drink heavily too)! Long term use of steroids has also been linked to brain cancer.

Steroids enter the bloodstream and are distributed into the muscles as well as the major organs of the body. They then enter the cell membrane of the cytoplasm, once there, they bind to specific receptors and then enter the nucleus of the cell, where they are able to stimulate the production of new proteins.

Steroids also have several side-effects. For example~In the brain, they affect the hypothalamus (which controls hormone levels and results in lower testosterone production in males and cessation of menstruation in females) and the limbic system (which produces change in memory and mood). It reveals that anabolic steroids also impairs learning, promotes aggressiveness, poor impulse control and even violent behavior!

So here is some of the MAIN SIDE EFFECTS of using:
Jaundice, Acne, HIV (from sharing needles), Edema (water retention), Increased Aggression, Headaches, Aching Joints, Reduced HDL, Liver Damage, Liver Cancer, High Blood Pressure, Stroke, and Heart Attack.
Specifically for Males ~ Testicular Atrophy, Breast Tissue Development, Baldness, Impotence, Enlarge Prostate, and Reduced Sperm Count
Specifically for Females ~ Growth of Facial Hair, Deepened Voice, Change in Menstrual Cycle, Breast Reduction, Potential Damage to Fetus

Here is the bad part…if you are “dependant” on them and decide to quit using, you can go through a withdrawal. Some of the symptoms can be depression, impotence and anxiety.

You see this is the reason why I am writing this…all the gyms I ever attended…except for CrossFit…you could walk in and point out each and every individual who was using. I am in a gym now that I can do the same exact thing there! Even my daughter, who is just 11, can do the same! Even some staff are using…makes me want to use a trainer…NOT!!!
Now you are probably wondering why I wrote this…you see I am sick and tired of seeing ROID heads THINK they are all that! THINK they know how to lift! I even like the ones who THINK they can eat whatever…you can’t even see muscle definition because they are more fat than anything else!! I have been through hell and back and yet I do CROSSFIT…bust my ass, push my body PAST the extreme! I love knowing I AM ALL NATURAL…even the flaws…I don’t care!!! I will continue to BUST MY ASS NATURALLY…to be an ELITE ATHLETE NATURALLY!!

Here is the one thing that I know…they might have the strength (while using), but do they have the ability? Do they have the technique? Do they have the endurance? Do they have the will? Do they have the skill? I know I HAVE IT ALL!!!! Do you????

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