May 28, 2020

My gym time…IS MINE…Back the hell up!!

I don’t know about most of you, but when I go to the gym…I could give a shit why anyone else is there…if the gym is completely full or empty…my training still happens! I don’t go to flippin’ socialize or meet a guy! I could care less what I look like…I have no makeup on, my hair is pulled back into a ponytail and a ball cap is on (low). My headphones are in and my music is up loud (basically so I don’t hear you talk crap). I don’t wear the latest fashion in workout gear, nor do I show off any part of my body.  I get in there and do what I went there to do…TRAIN! Whether I am working on my legs, arms, chest, back or just doing cardio…I am there FOR ME..not you! So back off!

I have had the joys of (excuse the term) fucktards come up to me and bother me. I have had a “so-called” personal trainer poke my ass and say it is getting tighter! WTF! The same one also came over (before my accident) while I was training on the bike, and pulled out one side of my earphones, to let me know I was cycling all wrong, my form was terrible. Ummm…HELLO SHITHEAD…I am on mile 65 (yes 65!) and I have 4 12inch long rods in my lower back…SERIOUSLY…you just screwed my cadence!! Do you even know what a flippin’ cadence is? Let me know when you can out bike me and walk the next day and then MAYBE JUST MAYBE I will listen to you!! FUCKER!!!

At my old gym, I got looks from the guys because a female was in the FREE weights section…REALLY…someone might as well use them since you all are so busy staring in the mirrors, talking/texting on your cell or commenting about how u would like to tap that girl that just walked past (oh, ya know the one…full of makeup, hair done, barely dressed and not an ounce of sweat on her…I am shocked she owns some type of running shoe!!)!  I loved the ones who couldn’t understand how I could go from a Power Clean, to push-ups, to Kettle-bell swings, to squats…5 times…it’s called a FUCKING WORKOUT! I know it’s a strange thing to see at a gym…someone ACTUALLY working out!!

You are probably wondering what has spawned this blog…well it happened yet again today! I was doing the leg press and two morons decided they were going to stand there chatting it up…well when I did my set and then went and did my set at the calf machine…they started to take my weight off the leg press…hence my earplug came out and I stated I wasn’t done. They decided to get all pissy…and I told them to get a life (oh and meanwhile there was the other leg press completely open and free to use!). Well I did my sets to failure…and cleaned up the area and continued on…I did 3 more types of leg workouts then hit the elliptical for some cardio…here is the hysterical part…I looked over at where the leg press is at when I got off the elliptical (30 mins later) and the same two morons where STILL standing in the exact same spot, never once even touching the machine nor doing anything else but talking! At least there jaws, mouth and tongues got a workout today!

All right…I’m done for now….thanks for listening to me rant!! LOL


  1. MORONS…however not surprising. guys are insanely intimidated by women who actually are strong physically…especially at the gym. It totally messes with their minds when we can actually lift. It’s always been fun for me to embarass them w/leg press.

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