July 24, 2017

LABELS…What The Heck Does That Mean?

About the only “label” that is always independently verified is “ORGANIC”, all the others need only to have a part of the certification program to get that label. Below I will go through some of the labels you will find as you head to the grocery store. I hope to arm you with knowledge, so that you make the right choices.

“NATURAL” ~ contains no artificial ingredients or added colors; it also is no more than “minimally processed”. This does not make it organic or raised in any way. It also ONLY pertains to chicken, meat and eggs, not to other fresh or packaged foods.

“NO ANTIBOTICS ADDED” ~ documentation is required on beef, pork, poultry and lamb, but there is no procedure in place to verify on eggs, milk or fish.

“HORMONE-FREE” ~ a complete illegal claim; all animals, no matter what, produce hormones!

“CAGE-FREE” ~ poultry is not confined to any cages, but this does not mean that they have access to the outdoors.

“NO HORMONES ADMINISTERED” ~ So far the only documentation required is on beef, it is completely meaningless on chicken or pork since hormone use is not permitted. And just like the “no antibiotics added” label there is no procedure in place to verify on eggs, milk or fish.

“PASTURE-RAISED” ~ No official meaning, or better yet no such thing.

“FREE-RANGE/FREE-ROAMING” ~ this pertains mostly to poultry, since there is no official meaning for beef. Poultry has access to outside, but for no set time.

“GRASS-FED” ~ animals get most of their nutrients through grass. Unless this is ALSO labeled “organic”, these animals could be given hormones, insecticides and/or antibiotics.

“VEGETARIAN-FED” ~ None of the feed used contains any animal byproducts, such as chicken litter, dried blood, feather meal, or ground up meat, fish or poultry.

~ all animals have plenty of space and shelter; they are also able to perform their natural behaviors. No crates or cages are ever used. The feed contains no added hormones or antibiotics. They are also humanely slaughtered.


Now to understand “ORGANIC”, let me break this down by different food types.

Let’s begin with organic milk, cows have access to the outdoors, 30% of their diet comes from pasture, for the last 12 months before milked they eat 100% organic and no growth hormones, antibiotics or other drugs are ever used. Now to organic eggs, they are not necessarily cage-free or free-range, hens feed completely 100% organic and no forms of drugs, growth hormones or antibodies are used. Let’s move on to organic nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables. There is never synthetic pesticides or fertilizers used, not irradiated, not genetically engineered and no sewage sludge is ever a part. Any organic poultry or meats, not including seafood, all have access to the outdoors, raised on completely 100% organic feed that has no animal byproducts, not irradiated and no use of any drugs, growth hormones or antibiotics. As for organic seafood, there are no standards as of yet. Lastly packaged foods, if you see just the word “100% Organic”, it means all of its ingredients are organic. If it reads “Organic”, then at least 95% of the ingredients are organic. And finally if it reads “Made with Organic Ingredients”, at least 70% of the ingredients are.

I know there are so many more TYPES of labels and one type of label that is so important, the nutrition label. I will discuss more about all of these in future blogs. I believe the more you know, the better decision and choices you can make for you and your family!!


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