May 28, 2020


Lately, Cape Coral has been a city full of tragedy!! First Saturday, a single mother (Kelly) of two young children was killed by her boyfriend (who then killed himself) because she decided to end their relationship. Then last night 2 cousins (7 & 10) were playing outside on their skateboard when they got struck by a truck. The 7 yr old passed away on scene, the other girl is in the hospital in stable condition, not knowing that her cousin is dead. I don’t care what anyone says…even being cop, you don’t become numb to a death of a child or the malicious act that was taken out against Kelly. I, as a parent myself, who has a daughter who has lost her father knows what her children are going to be missing in life and I know it is going to be so much harder…it was a MOTHER. A mother who was there constantly and unconditionally. Then on the other side, as a parent, my heart and prayers go out to the families of that little angel that was taken away too soon.


Tonight I did a WOD at home with my friend! She is even starting to eat Paleo!! I am so proud of her!! She finally realized that she needs to do for her NOW so she can be around FOR THEM (her family)!!!

Here is what we did~
4 Rounds For Time~
10 Push Ups
20 Sit Ups
30 Squats
40 KBS (8lbs) (all I had at home) (I did one arm KBS 20 on each)

MY TIME: 13:18                             HER TIME: 24:33
She almost puked a few times! I told her if she did…she was a TRUE XFitter!! LOL!!!

So now it is time for me to get more serious with my eating….I need to eat more times during the day! Eating clean isn’t my problem!!

And on another note….I reached out and picked a brain today…and she is going to let me pick some  more. I am thankful for her even giving me some time because in just 6 short weeks she is heading to Cali to compete again!

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