May 28, 2020

Just when I thought…

Just when I thought I was “BIONIC” my body reminds me OVER and OVER again…that though I might have TONS of NEW METAL inside my body holding me together. Those same foreign pieces of metal destroy me too!!

I went back to my WODs today after taking my 48 hours away as my Dr ordered! (yea, I actually listened)!!

So I started out doing my strength WOD ~
5×5 Front Squat (65~70~75~80~90)
5×5 Shoulder Press (45~50~55~65~75)
5×5 Clean (55~60~65~70~75)

Not bad for basically doing absolutely NO STRENGTH WORK for almost over 2 weeks!!! I had to take it slow and steady. I’m glad coach didn’t have any jerks or dead lifts because I’m not allowed to do them right now, but yet again he wouldn’t know that!

Then it was time for the WOD ~ “Arnie”
Well there is ABSOLUTELY NO POINT even writing out the WOD since I couldn’t do ANY OF IT!! (This is where I want a YELL button on here!) I am so pissed! I want so bad to train. To find my NEW normal! I feel like every time I get going and make headway…I get a freakin’ new procedure done that is supposed to help, but instead it throws me back 100 steps!! I tried every technique drill and ended up in tears from the pain!

Now I get to get more upset!!! I’m throwing my coach under the bus…YEP…put aside the COACH title…you are also MY FRIEND…WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!?  UUUUGGGGHHHHH!!!


  1. Be patient with your body. Your mind is way ahead of it. It will catch up…..your new normal is just around the corner.

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