December 18, 2017

I’m a college gal…AGAIN!!

Monday I started my prereqs for the starting of my new journey!!  There are 8 classes, but I only have 5 to take. Each class is course intensive and online. Each class is only 4 weeks, with a midterm and final, along with open discussions (u have to participate in) and yep…research and term papers to write!! Am I crazy…nah…just want to get them done and over with. Then I get an 8 month break til my Program course begins for 6 months in class course work and then 10 months clinical work!!

I have been blessed with a job while going after my next career goal. They are completely behind me as a single mom and supporting me as I go back to college!! It is such a HUGE blessing!

So…I will try and get on here as often as I can, but it might be a week in between…unless something really needs to be written!! LOL!!


On the outside I am full of tats and it’s hard to find me NOT smiling…. But on the inside, it’s ALL titanium, from 3 severe car accidents that should have taken my life (1993, 2000 & 2008)! I am a living & breathing testimony of God’s great mercy here on Earth!! And I’m ready to show this world that NO ONE on this Earth can hold me back from living out what God has in store for me!!!


  1. Anonymous says:

    thanks amigo! great post!.

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