May 28, 2020

I will NEVER understand…

I will NEVER understand one thing. How can someone say they sincerely apologize for what they did, but follow it with “in my heart I don’t believe I did anything”. Doesn’t the last statement take back the sincere apology? How can you be sorry for something you believe you didn’t do?

Now I know you can believe you did nothing wrong and apologize for how you made the person feel. But to say the word BUT after an apology, is a slap in the face all over again. You might as well just say “you are not worth an apology and I don’t care if I hurt your feelings.” It’s just as bad when people add BUT after saying I love you.

I do believe in saying the word BUT after I love you…only though when you are doing it for the better, I will give an example. I can love someone or even be IN love with them, but if they cheat on me or physically/emotionally abuse me, I’m out! So here is what I say “I love you, BUT I love me more.”

Now a days there are soooo many people in relationships to fill a void, an empty space. They don’t even love themselves, and if that is true, there is NO WAY you can love someone else FULLY!

Over the past couple of months, I have learned to fall in love with me. I am in love with an amazing person, who goes after the impossible (and makes it possible), that never gives up (if I fall or stumble, I getup and dust myself off and continue on), that strives for a better day every day (what else do you have to lose), who smiles through tears (and pain), who thinks of others before themselves (but not to the point of being a doormat), who will do anything for their child (yes, ANYTHING), who believes that there is no word as CAN’T or NEVER (too many people…like Doctors…throw these words out there not realizing the damaging outcome it is doing), who encourages and supports people they know and even perfect strangers (I pray that my words are encouragement…you never know who you might make an impact on)….So yes I love me…and here’s the thing…it makes me not NEED someone to love me. Do I WANT someone…sure…who doesn’t, but I want someone who makes me even better, who I can share this thing we call life with. But if that never happens…I already have the greatest of all loves…the love of my Heavenly Father!!

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