August 9, 2020

I love it when….

I absolutely love it when friends who have heard me talk about CrossFit and me kicking my own ass…come and do it with me!! One of dearest friends, Leigh and her friend Jamie, happened to miss their spinning class this morning. So I offered them to come do my WOD with me and Dawn. Leigh was up for the challenge! We grabbed out Kettle bells and headed towards the back room!

Here was the Rx WOD:
For Time : 19:00
Single Rope Jumps
KBS @ 25 (for me)

They rocked it…no complaining…they pushed them out…sweat was pouring …grunts were being made. And even a statement of “this is worse than spinning class”…hell yeah it is!! I was so proud of them…they did amazing. Leigh even mention I became a different person…I was no joke when the clock started…lol!!

It was great!!! I absolutely LOVE to motivate people and encourage them…to take them past there breaking point. After the WOD, Dawn did some strength work of Push Press, Shoulder Press and Bench Press…she needs upper body strength training…so we are focusing on that. She did good 5×5’s. I am glad I didn’t do any since I came home and see CF TOTAL 2 was posted for today!!! UGH!!! I will stay focused and postive just like I did for CF TOTAL 1!!!


  1. Awesome that Leigh did it with you!! tell her I said hi!!!

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