June 4, 2020

Holy Crap…it’s happening!!!

So I  have A TON TO TELL!!!

FIRST ~ I am back in the gym doing WODs!! I got back in there on Saturday! It felt great…all my strength work was right on target, but OMG my cardio…I think I was going to die!! It’s nice to know that my muscle takes time to get weak, but my heart decides to fall off the face of the earth immediately!! LOL!!

SECOND ~ Lauren and Tim found this awesome space for the box…and today we got everything in writing. Now it just is up to the Cali guys! It’s happening…we are going to start helping people change their lives…not just their bodies, but everything…their minds, their attitudes, their families…EVERYTHING!! I can’t wait to watch the transformations and hear the testimonies!!! We are so gonna have a testimonies wall!!!

So here are the WODs from Saturday and today!

Saturday ~
Strength Work~
1×20 Push Press @ 75
1×20 Back Squat @ 100
1×20 Bench Press @ 75

4 Rounds For Time: 16:41
25 Push-ups
25 Squats
25 KBS @ 30
25 Sit-ups

CFE ~  Bike
4×440 ~ 1) 1:12    2) 1:02    3) 1:03    4) 0:54

Today ~
Strength Work ~
5×5 Shoulder Press (45-50-60-70-75)
5×5 Hang Clean (45-55-65-75-80)

Tabata (20 secs on 10 secs off) 8 rounds – Score lowest
Pullups – 9
Push-ups – 8
Situps – 12
Squats – 14

I really need to do a lot of cardio work to get me back to where I was! I get out of breath really quick…it sucks!!! I will get there!!! I am just glad to be back!!! WOO HOO!!! And it was great having LL there pushing me!!

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