July 24, 2017


what is HIITWith the ENDLESS amount of information out there regarding this topic, it can be quite confusing to newbies of the fitness lifestyle and actually very daunting to figure out. So I decided to help you out!


High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT for short is basically getting you in and out of the gym quicker and with the MOST bang for your buck (so to speak)! It involves alternating between periods of low or moderate intensity and periods of extremely high intensity, and you can do it in a fraction of the time of a normal cardio workout.

On top of losing fat, HIIT routines have a tons of things that it does better than regular cardio:
~ It increases your V02 max much more than steady-state cardio. This means it increases the amount of oxygen your body can take in during exercise.
~ It doesn’t cause you to lose precious muscle mass like traditional steady-state cardio does. When you engage in long, slow cardio sessions, your body can enter a catabolic (or muscle wasting) state. This means your body literally starts to consume its own muscle for energy. This won’t happen during a HIIT training routine.
~ When combined with a slight increase in calories above your maintenance level, HIIT workouts can actually be anabolic, meaning they’ll help you gain muscle. This is certainly something you can’t get from normal cardio.

HIIT can be done with any form of cardio ~ running, biking, elliptical, rower, etc. and/or with any method of exercise, including strength training.


Low Intensity Steady State cardio! Steady state cardio simply means maintaining the heart rate (HR) at a steady, continuous pace over a long period of time (usually a walk or slow jog). LISS is when you jog, bike, speed walk, etc for 30-45 min at around 65% of your maximum heart rate (a low enough intensity that you should still be able to hold a conversation).



Fasted is just what it states…meaning on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning.

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Don’t get in the comfort zone of ALWAYS doing steady state or low intensity cardio workouts. Why? Since you’re doing the same workout over and over again, research shows your body can adapt to the same repetitive stimulus after only 6-8 weeks. So let HIITs be your main source of cardio with LISSs thrown in every once in a while.

Also, another mistake I see is people doing their cardio BEFORE strength training.


When you lift weights, you are emptying your glycogen (stored carbohydrates), which sets up the body for maximum fat burning during your cardio training. Also, if you complete your cardio training before weights you’re going to be weaker as your blood pH drops, thus you’ll hinder your body’s ability to recruit your high threshold muscle fibers which are needed for an intense workout!

Want to speed up the time in the gym even more…COMBINE your strength training with your cardio and make it ONE!!  This is also known as circuit training.
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