May 28, 2020

Finally feeling like a woman!! (Ok not so much…lmao)

So I went to work today draggin’ ass….this is day three of NO SLEEP…well I am sleeping just not getting great sleep. Nothing solid. I am tossing and turning , thinking a lot and in a lot of pain that just keeps me awake!! I thought last night from being exhausted ALL DAY and after doing my WOD for the day I would flippin’ pass out (especially since I was about to pass out behind the wheel driving, thank heavens for Adrianna cracking jokes keeping me awake!!), but NOPE, hit that lovely second wind after taking my shower and didn’t even turn of the lights until around 2AM…and my alarm goes off at 6AM!!

So yesterday….I went and got my hair done…ya know…to get the gray out!! YES I HAVE GRAY!!! I have had it since I was 16 yrs old!! Back then it was easy to hid with blond highlights, but now not so much!! So here I am at 5PM getting my hair all nice and pretty, to come home, cook dinner and then go outside and bust my ass and do my WOD and SWEAT (at 9PM)!! Hey, at least I was a girl for a short time today!! LMAO!!

So a little laughter of my day…I wanted to know what a 1/2 mile was at my house, but I needed my truck to role its milegage….so here I was backing up and down my driveway literally like 12 times until my odometer rolled…my neighbors were probably on the phone with Ruth Cooper (our mental institution here)!! LMAO!!

Monday was a very emotional UP and DOWN day for me…if you couldn’t tell from my NON-EXSISTANT blog!! I had to handle some family issues that needed to be taken care of! To me, family is my number one priority…and it’s not just blood family…but people who have become my family too! Adrianna always comes first in my life! I will drop EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to do whatever I need to for her, I will sacrifice my life for her (and I have) and I will keep doing it!! Don’t EVER ask me to choose…YOU WILL LOSE!!

So here I am on Day 4 of hardly NO SLEEP! I think I have gotten about 6 hours since Saturday night! My body is about to literally shut it self down!! I am praying for sleep tonight or tomorrow!! The bad thing is when I start getting sleep deprived, I also don’t want to eat…I have to force myself!!! UGH!!!

So onto my WOD from last night….Kev I wanted to keep it as close to LL’s as possible to I changed just the dips to push-ups like she did…but I did regular sit-ups.

WOD from yesterday:
Deck of Cards:
Diamonds: Burpees
Hearts: Push-ups
Spades: Sit-ups
Clubs: 4 Single Unders
Aces: 15, K-13, Q-12, J-11, Face cards @ Face Value
TOTAL REPS = 105 of each, 420 Total

Food Journal:
L~Salad/Chicken   Apples    Clif Bar
D~forgot to eat….really late nite!! (go ahead get mad!)

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