July 21, 2017

Fats…YES You Can Eat Them!

The dreaded word in today’s society…FATS!! Can you eat them? What are the differences? Mono? Poly? Saturated or Unsaturated? Trans? AAGGHH!!! No worries…HELP IS HERE!!! Keep reading…

Let me say this first ~ ‘fat’ is NOT the enemy!! I promise you! Eating FAT will NOT make you FAT!!


  • Helps control hunger and curbs cravings for junk foods and blood sugar
  • Better blood pressure, heart health, and boosts body’s fat burning ability
  • Helps build muscle
  • Better absorption of certain vitamins and antioxidants

Now, let’s look at what can make you fat:

  • Not working out or being sedentary (couch potato)
  • Eating empty calories and also eating an excess of calories than what your body needs
  • Eating too many refined carbohydrates and sugars (processed foods)

The most ideal way to get in your healthy fat is to spread it out throughout each meal. The easiest of all is healthy oils (coconut, flax seed, olive, sesame,   macadamia nut). You can read more about different oils, HERE.

Another way of getting healthy fats in is with nuts. Almost all nuts, in the raw form, are essential healthy fats to any diet. Well, all besides the peanut! You have a wide variety in which to choose, whether it be almonds, cashews, macadamia or walnuts. Even avocados and Chia and Flax seeds are a great addition to your diet!

Your entire body has fat, not just your hips or stomach! Fatty acids, the building blocks of fat, also make up nonadipose fat, which is about 11% of our body. Where does that good fat live? Over 1/3 of it resides in our bones and bone marrow, then another 20% are in our connective tissues and blood vessels and another 20% are in our muscles. The rest spreads out over our skin, brain, GI Tract, heart and then other organs and blood.

The Breakdown

Mono-unsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFAs)

  • Nuts, avocados, and olive oil (and oils listed above)
  • Go for 30-50g per day

Omega-3 Poly-unsaturated Fats (DHA & EPA are the best..followed by ALA)

  • EPA/DHA ~ Seafood, grass-fed meat, and some eggs
  • ALA ~ Walnuts, flax seed
  • At least 450mg per day

Omega-6 poly-unsaturated Fats (works with O-3 to regulate immune system)

  • Vegetable oils, Fried and Packaged Foods, and Baked Goods
  • Balanced with O-3’s they are beneficial, but when it supersedes them it can lead to inflammation and weight gain.
  • No more than 12g per day(6% max of your daily calories)

Saturated Fats

  • When at room temp, these fats literally melt in your mouth
  • Eat in moderation, if at all.
  • No more than 14-18g (7-9% max of your daily calories)

Trans Fats

  •  Preserve foods and extend shelf life and in some fried foods
  • No redeeming health qualities!
  • Linked to weight gain, heart disease, belly fat (visceral) and depression
  • DON’T CONSUME!! If you see on the label “Partially Hydrogenated” PUT IT BACK!!

How to SWITCH to HEALTHIER fats:

Instead of butter on a potato…drizzle some Olive Oil

Instead of Filet Mignon, get a Top Round Steak

Instead of a Turkey Sandwich with cheese, get it with avocado

Instead of Sauteing Veggies in butter, use Sesame or Coconut Oil.



On the outside I am full of tats and it's hard to find me NOT smiling.... But on the inside, it's ALL titanium, from 3 severe car accidents that should have taken my life (1993, 2000 & 2008)! I am a living & breathing testimony of God's great mercy here on Earth!! And I'm ready to show this world that NO ONE on this Earth can hold me back from living out what God has in store for me!!!

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