May 28, 2020

Evening 300 before heading on the open road….

So I have to LOVE my coach for giving me such a lovely gift before leaving on my very first vacation in over 4 years!!! And I have to sit in a car for 10 hours too…can we say all of my muscles are going to completely HATE ME!!!

Well today’s WOD was a little off…I had to go from one part of the gym to another and back again…but it worked out…it helped that I got there before the after work rush happened!!

“Evening 300” For Time ~  14:09
25 Jumping Pull-ups    (Back Room)
50 Dead lifts @ 95 (scaled to 65)
50 Step Ups
50 Sit-ups (UA)
50 Hang Power Cleans @ 65
25 Jumping Pull-ups   (Back Room)
50 Lateral Lunges (L/R)    (Back Room)
25 Push-ups      (Back Room)

I had to scale down the DL’s or I would have never even finished the WOD. My ME (max effort) is 125lb…and that is putting tons of strain on the rods in my lower back…so I needed to do a weight my lower back could handle. Also the Power Cleans got tough at around #20…I had to break them up into sets of 5 to finish them out!! UGH!!!

Now to finish packing (yes…I still haven’t done that yet) and jump in the shower to leave for my much needed and much deserved mini vaca with one of my dearest!!!   Adios!!!

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