May 28, 2020

Did I chip a nail?

Ok…so I am going to BITCH before I even start what this blog REALLY needs to be about…so SERIOUSLY can the F%#@ING individuals (both men and woman) get out of the flippin’ gym who aren’t serious about being there, sot he ones who are have more space!!

So I decided today, to go do my WOD on my lunch hour cuz my coach said it would take around 5-7 mins! Then whatever time added on to warm up/do my strength work/cool down, etc!

Well…holy crap…we have Ms. I am lifting a dumbbell that weighs no heavier than the phone she has in her other hand (NO JOKE) and she starts whining that she thinks she just chipped a nail, that she just got done yesterday!! WTF…ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! And what was even funnier, was that these two guys started making fun of her about it, but as soon as she got off the phone, one of them went over to her with his phone and asked if she was ok and asked for her number (meanwhile while waiting for her to get off the phone they weren’t doing shit but watching her…yes fake boobs/no bra, hair not up, make on!)! Neither men, nor woman were sweating!

So here I am now in the middle of my WOD and I have an IDIOT (male gender) come over and take my weight bar…YES the one I am using…the one sitting on the rack with weights on it while I am doing my broad jumps RIGHT NEXT TO IT! The same guy who was sitting on a weight bench (that had an empty weight bar on it) watching me (cuz I saw him in the mirror) doing NOTHING, KNOWING FULL WELL I WAS USING IT…so I was like ummm…excuse I am using it. He said, just like this, “You left the bar…finders keepers”…I said…you touch it, you are gonna find something that you can keep and you aren’t gonna like it…back the hell up! And I finished my WOD! He went back to the weight bench and sat back down and continued to do NOTHING!! WTF!!! (I reported his ass!)

Then as I was stretching/cooling down…I swear I think I had the playboy playmates (trust me they wouldn’t have made the magazine…they ONLY THOUGHT THEY WERE) and their mothers…stretching out in front of me…with no bras and no underwear…yep…I can honestly tell you that!! Can we say they belonged at Babes or Lookers not at the gym!!

Ok…enough BITCHING…now to what I should be bloggin’ about!!!

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For the rest day yesterday…My body craved it…actually I think my mind craved it more!!! I did some more volunteering at Adri’s school and spent some mommy/daughter time with her…which is always #1 in my book!!

Food went good yesterday
S~HB egg

Today I am only at lunch, but I added back fruits and veggies and I weighed in!! Can you believe I am gonna post my weight for all to see on the web!! But hey…it is ntohing compared to where I came from!!

So Monday…I told you I almost had a heart attack…well it was because my weight was 160. Before my accident I was 162. So I hadn’t seen the 160’s since Dec 2008…so I was in shock!!! I have done everything in my power with being bed ridden and immobile NOT to gain weight!! So it killed me to see that number!!
So as of this morning I was 152!!! GO ME…8 pounds down!!!

So far today:
S~Blueberry Yogurt w/Fiber (I need this!!!)
L~Chicken w/ Alpha Sprouts/Brocolli

7 rounds For Time: 6:20
6 Squats (125% Body Weight 190lbs) (LMAO…scaled 135lbs…only 89% body weight…I’ll get there)
8 Standing Broad Jumps (I landed FULLY on both legs….WOO HOO!!!! MILE STONE…but hurt like HELL!!)

Strength Work:  5×3
Clean and Jerk  45~50~55~60~65
Snatch  45~50~55~60~65

Another day….tonight time with my bestie!!! 🙂


  1. WOW!! I absolutley tought that i was the only person who absolutley hated people @ the gym!!! and ESPECIALLY the girls who go to socialize and fashionize!!