May 28, 2020

NO EXCUSES…My Definition Of It

oscar no excusesIf you have been around my Facebook Page or even here on my blog, you know that I use the term NO EXCUSES a lot! I have come across some people who have not liked that terminology and have back lashed at it. So I have decided to take those two words and explain my version behind it!

A good friend of mine, Natalie Jill, says this all the time, “Excuses or Solutions, YOU decide” and I COMPLETELY agree with her (it’s probably one of the reason we get along!). When I say NO EXCUSES, there is so much more behind it. You see, I would say this to myself while laying in a hospital bed or at a grueling physical therapy appointment where I was learning to re-walk AGAIN for the third time (fourth if you count learning to walk as a baby). Let me explain even farther.

There is no silver lining or pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, there is no prince charming or fairy-tale ending, there is no winning the lottery or gaining an inheritance…BUT what there is, is YOU…your choices, your decisions and finding YOUR solutions to every problem that arises. This means in ALL aspects of your life, not just in the area of your health. It pertains to your family, career, finances, relationships, school, etc…you LITERALLY can utilize this term in EVERY area of your life!

you No one in this world will make ANYTHING happen for you, it is COMPLETELY and TOTALLY up to you. It is up to you to make your dreams a reality. It is up to you to see that you achieve your goals. It is up to you if you want to see a change in your health, whether it is to lose weight, lower your cholesterol or blood pressure, or to gain muscle. No one will do the work for you and no one will care about it as much as you do. If you want to be happier, feel loved, feel needed or wanted…well it all begins with you…loving you first! If you are waiting for someone else to do this all for you…you are going to be waiting a very long time, basically you will be waiting forever! So I ask you, why would you do this to yourself?

As you are reading this, do you feel stuck? Are you stuck in a bad situation and waiting for someone to “rescue” you? Are you waiting for that “magic” solution to happen? Guess what, I have your answers!!! Stop waiting! You are your OWN hero, you are your OWN magic solution!! I know you are probably thinking, ”easier said than done, Sue”! And why do I know this? Because before I realized this for myself, I thought the EXACT same way!

How did I get past it? How did I make myself my own HERO? Let me tell you…

No ExcusesIf you want to see a change in your life, you need to be the one to do something about it! If you want to see something get done in your life, then you are the one to do it! If you want better for you, it us up to you to make it happen! The choices you have already made are no one else’s fault but your own. You need to be accountable to these and stop blaming everyone else around you. By doing this, you are able to see where you went wrong, find a better way to do it and move on from it. If you play the blame game, you are constantly stuck in a circle going round and round, instead of climbing your mountain!

NO EXCUSES is a mantra for me. I used it lying in a hospital bed after my doctors told me I would NEVER walk again. I could have laid there and played the “woe is me” card, instead I started planning. I started asking myself questions and FINDING answers to them. One of my first was, “how can I make sure I don’t gain weight while being bed ridden?” my answer, DON’T emotionally eat, still stay as close to clean eating as I possibly could. Another question, “how can I keep as much of my lean muscle as I could”? (I would need this once I began physical therapy) My upper body wasn’t damaged. I had dumbbells brought in to the hospital to do arm exercises. My traction bar had a triangle attachment that I used to assist my nurses with moving me or changing my bed linens, I decided to also use it for pull-ups. “How was I going to remain positive in such a negative atmosphere?” I was going to talk, I wasn’t going to hold in my emotions and let them eat away at my soul or brain.My accident

So bottom line is, I don’t care (and neither should you) about the limitations this world has put on you. If you have a medical issue, your life is NOT decided for you due to it. If you have an injury or recovering from surgery, THESE do NOT control what you decide for you! If you are struggling financially and can’t afford things (like clean eating or going to the gym), read my blog about clean eating on a budget (I’m a single mom, I understand, trust me). As for a gym, the BIGGEST gym in the world is absolutely FREE…it’s called the world; the outdoors is absolutely free for you to get things done!

So start questioning your excuses and stop validating them. Instead start VALUING YOU! Because in the end, YOU are the ONLY one that matters!!!

Things happen…

As much as I can say NOTHING has been happening in my world…so much has been happening within me. I am learning a lot about things that I once thought I knew a lot about! (Does that make sense?) I am basically starting my life all over again. Venturing out into a new career, being back in college, about to have a TEEN in my home, being single again and being ok. I know God has a hold of me and of my daughter. I have realized why I have not been happy and I am working on fixing it. I have been asked by a friend to help her tone up, I am getting back at it too…back at eating right and being healthy for me and training with Amanda (who has been such a huge blessing in my life!)!! All I know is that even though I have been jobless for 7 months and dealing with huge budgeting strategies…I am looking forward to all the NEW in my life and saying goodbye to all the OLD!!!

Negative…trying to turn positive

Yesterday was Series #2 of my procedures that I am doing. The first one didn’t take at all…all it feels like I have someone nailing my left hip and lower spine with a baseball bat and constantly being bruised deeply!! My Doc didn’t like it at all…especially when I usually go into his office with a pain level of 2 or 3 and yesterday was a 5. So we did the second set hoping that it takes. If not, I am all out of options to relieve any of my chronic pain. I just have to start dealing with the level I am at and know that this is it for me.

The thing I do tell myself is, I might have chronic pain, but it just reminds me daily that I am still here. I am still her to be a mom, to raise my daughter. Which is what I was put on this earth to do.

As for other things, I am getting frustrated with my goal and dream…I need to really start refocusing. I need to make a plan and stick to it. This is my future for me and Adri and I have to make sure it is solid!


Lately, Cape Coral has been a city full of tragedy!! First Saturday, a single mother (Kelly) of two young children was killed by her boyfriend (who then killed himself) because she decided to end their relationship. Then last night 2 cousins (7 & 10) were playing outside on their skateboard when they got struck by a truck. The 7 yr old passed away on scene, the other girl is in the hospital in stable condition, not knowing that her cousin is dead. I don’t care what anyone says…even being cop, you don’t become numb to a death of a child or the malicious act that was taken out against Kelly. I, as a parent myself, who has a daughter who has lost her father knows what her children are going to be missing in life and I know it is going to be so much harder…it was a MOTHER. A mother who was there constantly and unconditionally. Then on the other side, as a parent, my heart and prayers go out to the families of that little angel that was taken away too soon.


Tonight I did a WOD at home with my friend! She is even starting to eat Paleo!! I am so proud of her!! She finally realized that she needs to do for her NOW so she can be around FOR THEM (her family)!!!

Here is what we did~
4 Rounds For Time~
10 Push Ups
20 Sit Ups
30 Squats
40 KBS (8lbs) (all I had at home) (I did one arm KBS 20 on each)

MY TIME: 13:18                             HER TIME: 24:33
She almost puked a few times! I told her if she did…she was a TRUE XFitter!! LOL!!!

So now it is time for me to get more serious with my eating….I need to eat more times during the day! Eating clean isn’t my problem!!

And on another note….I reached out and picked a brain today…and she is going to let me pick some  more. I am thankful for her even giving me some time because in just 6 short weeks she is heading to Cali to compete again!

Rest day…but NOT for me…

Rest day…what the HECK is that!!! I am going on day 5 of no sleep! Last night was due to Adrianna, she was having her migraines, which in turn was making her vomit…so no sleep AGAIN for me! So I have literally become a walking zombie!! I am NOT writing a food journal due to me barely eating…cuz when I don’t sleep, I don’t eat! I know…it’s not good!!

Then I worked all day…left a couple times to run home to check on Adrianna. then after work I ran to LL’s to drop off our shirts that coach sent to us. Then ran home to cook dinner, do some cleaning, then head out to spend time with family, run to the grocery store to pick up some snacks for the weekend and then home to finish up straightening the house cuz tomorrow I need to pack on my lunch hour!!!

So yeah…day off….Kev WHAT IS THAT!?!?!