May 28, 2020

Being in the “SINGLE” category makes me realize…

That I truly want to stay in it!! Isn’t that sad!!

I was having a talk today with some girl friends and I came to this conclusion…for us SINGLE females, there are only 2 TYPES of guys out there….the ones who want you as “Just Friends w/ Benefits” or the extreme opposite…”It’s the all or nothing, lets jump into a serious relationship NOW”. What happened to the in between??  See I have also come to realize that guys could careless WHAT category they are in…AS LONG AS “THEY” are IN “YOU”!!

Then there is the whole…”well you wouldn’t buy a car and not test drive it first” line! Let’s see, the last time I checked, the guy I go out on date with isn’t spending over $20,000 on or for me. And neither one of us is bringing a LIFETIME guarantee into this, hell we’d be lucky for an extended warranty! LOL!! This though is what I have learned…if a guy doesn’t kiss me great…and I mean…gives me butterflies, makes me weak and makes me NOT want the kiss to ever stop…HE IS NOT GONNA BE GOOD AT ANYTHING ELSE!!

And one other thing I have learned….guys are complete cowards. Ya know the ones…the ones who will make up every excuse in the book as to why they couldn’t approach you. Rejection…blah blah blah…SERIOUSLY…who flippin’ cares…everyone is gonna be rejected by someone, grow up and get some self-esteem! If you don’t ask…you never know. I’d rather know than play the damn what if game!!

Oh and now that I brought up games…HA!! I love this one best!!! Ya know the guys who say they don’t want drama and are sick of the games. THEY ARE THE ONES TO WATCH OUT FOR! They just think they have perfected them…and I love it when I call the out…hee hee…I WIN! LOL! Also…I am blunt honest…I tell a guy right up front what I will NOT put up with it…and how I am. And I always say if you don’t like it…there’s the door, no one is making you stay.  All say that it is what makes them like me…but when they get caught doing something I won’t put up with and I show them the door and turn off all emotions…I get called a cold hearted bitch…hmmm…funny, I guess they forgot what I said in the beginning! Oh well, my life continues!!

Ok…enough of the single gal talk!!

P.S. Don’t get me wrong, do I want a relationship, sure…but I don’t NEED one!! 🙂

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