May 28, 2020

Back to the daily grind…

So I didn’t blog yesterday…mainly because my ass was sitting in a car all day and I think I have PERMANENT bruising on both ass cheeks!! In 4 days, I sat 25 hours in a car driving…my hip, butt and lower back are NOT pleased with me! But on the positive side…I DIDN’T take one pain pill the entire trip!!! GO ME!!! Though I did take all other daily 17 pills to function!! UGH…I hate meds!!

So I realized one thing I loved about Florida while being away….flat land is a WONDERFUL thing while recovering in a wheelchair, on a walker and cane!! HOLY CRAP!! I thought I had an arm work out here…my bi’s and tri’s would have looked even more amazing if I lived in Georgia throughout my recovery!! LOL!!!

Well I didn’t get home til 10pm, and I told Kev that I was going to do my WOD for the day once I got home! But by the time, I unpacked and got Adrianna settled for bed, it was almost 11 and I was done!! Though I laid in bed wide awake til almost 2am…my body couldn’t move…there was NO WAY IN HELL I was pushing out even the start of my WOD which was 70 Burpees!! HAHA…Adrianna would have found me on my bedroom floor in the morning!!

So I took my Coach’s advice (YES KEVIN I DO LISTEN!!), and changed my rest day…so my WOD will be later tonight AFTER I put in 2 hours of volunteer time after work at Adrianna’s school in the Science Room! Another long day for me! Plus Kev wants me to do some lifting tonight since while I was away I was ONLY doing body work.

Also today I go back and visit my pain management doc…not sure what this visit will entail…I want my FET results from March…but I doubt he even received them…I will probably need a flippin’ court order to get MY OWN paperwork!!! Gotta love work comp!!

Well…back to my daily schedule of being a mom (#1), training (#2), enjoying life (#3), and working (#4)! Will blog after my WOD tonight….Ciao!!


  1. Remember, just to thwe maximum of your capability before pain sets in. Hope all went well at the doc today! Headed in to the gym.. gonna be a LONG ass day for me…

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