August 9, 2020

“Angie” can go to H…E….Double L!!!

Well I guess I’m blame myself a little on this…I did go give blood before my WOD today. Hey I am O- and we are in MASSIVE shortage here….I have to do my part!!

So then I drove to the gym in the rainstorm!! lol

Strength Work ~
1×20 Power Clean @ 65 (I should have done 70!!! UGH)

The¬†flow of this is getting so much better!! I did all my lifts in complete darkness!! Funny NO ONE ELSE continued lifting…it was like if they couldn’t SEE themselves in the mirrors they couldn’t lift….TOO FLIPPIN’ HILARIOUS!!!

100 Pull-ups (50 w/band&50Jumpin’)
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats
TIME : 16:49


  1. double L? Is that me? LOL

  2. what is the requisite ammount of time that you have to wait after getting a tattoo in order to donate blood? IDK if I can anyway w/all the prescription drugs I take & the sheer # of surgeries I’ve had…but was wondering anyway. I still haven’t gotten my tat…we need to get that figured out one of these days…but was wondering how long they make you wait…

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