January 23, 2018

All By Myself…

Wasn’t that a name of an 80’s song!!! LOL

Well that was today…no partner…no coach…just me and my DETERMINATION!! Or my stupidity!

I’ll just cut to it ~

Strength Work ~
Push Press 5×5 (80~85~90~95PR~100PR)  HELLS YEAH!! Even with a fippin’ procedure!!

15 Rounds For Time: 12:43
5 Pull Ups (From Floor to Bar)
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

Then did 2 x 800m Bike  first time 2:34  second time 2:09

I might be paying for this tomorrow…this is where the stupidity will sink in!! LOL!!!

Going to look at commercial warehouses this weekend!!! SO STOKED!!!


On the outside I am full of tats and it's hard to find me NOT smiling.... But on the inside, it's ALL titanium, from 3 severe car accidents that should have taken my life (1993, 2000 & 2008)! I am a living & breathing testimony of God's great mercy here on Earth!! And I'm ready to show this world that NO ONE on this Earth can hold me back from living out what God has in store for me!!!

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