June 4, 2020

All By Myself…

Wasn’t that a name of an 80’s song!!! LOL

Well that was today…no partner…no coach…just me and my DETERMINATION!! Or my stupidity!

I’ll just cut to it ~

Strength Work ~
Push Press 5×5 (80~85~90~95PR~100PR)  HELLS YEAH!! Even with a fippin’ procedure!!

15 Rounds For Time: 12:43
5 Pull Ups (From Floor to Bar)
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

Then did 2 x 800m Bike  first time 2:34  second time 2:09

I might be paying for this tomorrow…this is where the stupidity will sink in!! LOL!!!

Going to look at commercial warehouses this weekend!!! SO STOKED!!!

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