May 28, 2020

After the tears from yesterday…

So yesterday was hell day for me…I HAD so much planned…get up, go to work, volunteer at Adri’s school, have a quick bite (well at least for Adri, I was fasting) for dinner, get home and change for the gym, go do my CF Total and get a little cardio in, go back home and start some laundry, do my WOD from Sunday, finish the laundry and go to bed sometime around 1AM! (lol…not kidding)!

Ok…so the JOKE WAS APPARENTLY ON ME!!  So you know the saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff”…well I had a crap load of “small stuff” yesterday that my sweat turned to tears…LITERALLY!!!  I don’t break easy…I don’t just fall apart and crumble…well I did last night…in the middle of my kitchen floor!! I was a complete and utter mess!  So I left my coach probably the worst voicemail message ever…I was crying and told him NOT to call me (he did anyways cuz the man NEVER listens to his voicemails first…lol)!  I didn’t want to talk; I didn’t want to hear anything about staying positive and being strong! Yesterday was MY DAY to be PITIFUL!!  To feel sorry for myself…to just let go and scream and kick and throw my tantrum!!  After 17 months of all this “small stuff”, it builds up and there are times you just gotta LET GO!!  Yesterday was it for me…

But today…TODAY IS A NEW DAY!!

So as I stated yesterday, I started back on track with my eating…THANK HEAVENS!!! I so needed too!! I stepped on the scale yesterday morning and thought I was going to have a heart attack (though I found out my cholesterol level is 163, which is very low…woo hoo)!!  Granted I took a mini vaca for 4 days and didn’t eat all that great, but didn’t eat terrible either.  But I could tell I gained…my body felt sluggish and my energy level SUCKED!!  So I decided yesterday to jump start my diet with a fast for the day…the next 2 days will be all protein and then it is time to really get CLEAN with my eating…I will have my cheat meals…well I call them more my “treat” meals…you have to, it keeps you sane! Well it keeps me sane, at least!! 🙂

Here is what I put my body thru tonight:

CF Total: 390 (Not bad for my hip & back limitations!)
Shoulder Press: 95
Back Squat: 150 (could have gone higher but was cautious)
Dead lift: 145 PR!!!

Today’s WOD ~ 5 Rounds for Time : 22:37
50 SDHP @ 25lbs (sub for 500m Row)
440m Run (light jog for me, leg was going numb!!)*
*did a 440m cuz didn’t know how far a 400m is on a treadmill!! LOL

Strength Work:
Hang Clean 3-3-3-3-3    45~65~75~80 (failed @ 3rd lift)~75
Front Squat  3-3-3-3-3    45~65~75PR~85PR~100PR
Bench Press  3-3-3-3-3    85~95~105~110~115PR

Then came home to cook some dinner and make some lunches for tomorrow!!  Then off to do Sunday’s WOD that I skipped out on!! (yep…made it up Kev!!! Aren’t you proud!…or are you going to kill me?)

For Time: 10:30
70 Burpees
60 Situps
50 Squats
40 Step ups (dining room chair)
30 HSPU (scaled)
***Did this all in the comfort of my bedroom…GOTTA LOVE IT!!***

Then I went and took a nice long soak in my tub…in Epsom Salt and BUBBLES!! 🙂

Food journal for the day:
B~Protein Shake w/ AB
L~Turkey (4 slices)
S~HB egg
D~Pork 4oz
**This might not seem like a lot of food to you, but to get this amount of food down for me after a fast is HUGE!!**

Alright…NOVEL is done…I am out for the night….Good night all!!!


  1. Nice work cuz 😉 proud of you for scraping yourself up and chuggin along…lol. Ive got a good scraper, ive done it a few times too, lol…you can borrow it anytime!!!