May 28, 2020

2:45am WOD

YEP…you read that title correctly…I did a home one knowing full well I would not fit in the WOD for today ANYWHERE!!! Unless I decided to 1) quit my job or 2) not go to the games!

So my WOD (I didn’t time it cuz to be honest, I really didn’t care…I know I started at 2:45AM and it ended at 2:57AM):
100 Push Ups
100 Sit Ups
100 Squats

I know it is no where near the strength WOD, but something is better than nothing.

My energy level is about completely deminished! I got nothing left. Today I am at work barely surviving! And I feel pulled in a thousand different directions! I wasn’t even packed to leave for the games until I went home on my lunch break. I am dealing with a borderline migraine…in which NO MEDS can help!

Well tonight, LL, her hubby, Tim and I head off to the Dirty South…can’t wait to watch the CF Games Live…to get a feel for them…to see what its all about and get it even deeper in my bones!!!  🙂

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